Wireless technology is the future of health care. Wireless technology in health care allows for more efficient patient care and experience. They can also be used to better understand and improve workflow in hospitals. For example, nurses are usually fast-paced and extremely busy. Florida’s Hospitals Celebration Health provides and equips nurse ID badges with a radio frequency identification (RFID) that works with the hospital’s wifi network. Tracking medical equipment is crucial to the hospital’s patients and medical practitioners. That’s why hospitals are now using a wide range of expensive, highly specialized equipment such as IV pumps, beds, wheelchairs, and canes, which are always being moved from place to place. Keeping track of all this equipment and knowing where it is and making sure it’s in the right spot at all times is very difficult and time-consuming for the hospital’s staff. Therefore, wireless technology is an immense help to health care. 

There’s a massive amount of research of this online, so I’m not gonna write an essay for you. But I hope this gives you an idea. 
Here’s the source I used: http://www.itbusinessedge.com/slideshows/six-ways-wireless-technology-is-transforming-health-care-03… 
There are many others if you google ”What is the use of wireless technology in health care?” Maybe look up why it’s useful too.