It is A. The church promised people to convince them to fight in the Crusades with forgiveness of sins without penance.  




Pope Urban II delivered the most significant oration in the Middle Ages on November 27, 1095. The speech resulted in the Crusades by calling on all Christians in Europe to fight against the Muslims to reclaim the Holy Land with the cry “Deus vult! “Or” God wants it! ”

The Holy Land, an area now commonly referred to as the Middle East, especially Palestine/Jerusalem- had become a point of conflict for European Christians. Christians often made pilgrimages to the origin of their belief since the 6th century. Yet, when the Seljuk Turks controlled Jerusalem, Christians were not allowed to enter the Holy City. Byzantine Emperor Alexius I then proposed an unusual demand to Pope Urban II for help when Turkey endangered to attack the Byzantine Empire and take Constantinople, Urban then seized the opportunity to unite Christian Europe under him as he struggled to reclaim the Holy Land from the Turks.

At the Council of Clermont in France, several hundred clergy and nobles gathered, Pope Urban II delivered a speech calling on the rich and poor to stop their fighting and start a war to help fellow Christians in the East and reclaim the land of Jerusalem. Urban insulted Muslims and exaggerated the story of their anti-Christian actions. He promised forgiveness of sins for all those who died in the war.


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