G(h) = 10h+35

Step-by-step explanation:

Here, h be the hour and G represents the total cost of a tour.

As per the statement:

Using slope-intercept form:


b is the initial value and m is the slope or rate.

You want to take a two-hour air boat tour. it costs $35 for a boarding fee and $5 every 1/2 hour.

Initially the cost of tour = $35

⇒b = 35

for every 1/2=0.5 hour = $5

for h hours = frac{5h}{0.5} = 10h

⇒Total cost for h hours is given by:

G(h) = 10h+35

Therefore, a function that represents the cost G of a tour at Gator Tours for h hours is, G(h) = 10h+35