The correct answers are the following:

A) The time,place,and historical backdrop of a story. SETTING.

The setting usually determines the whole plot of the story. It is very important to locate the events of the story within a period of time and in a specific place.

B) The feeling the audience gets from the story. MOOD

The mood could also be characterized as the reader´s response towards the story,as regards emotions or feelings.

C) The use of objects,places,or people to represent larger concepts. SYMBOLISM.

In other words, symbolism is a technique that makes use of a concept to represent or stand for some other concept or idea.

D) Characters who do not change in the course of the story. STATIC CHARACTERS.

A static character does not suffer any major transformation or change throughout the story.

E) Characters who are true to life, many-sided with complex motivations.ROUND CHARACTERS.

These type of characters are thoroughly described in a story. Their role is of great importance. They are hit by the conflict and then they are transformed by it.

F)The lesson or observation about life that an author makes through a work of literature. THEME.

By definition, theme is the representation inside a story of what an author believes or thinks about life in general or about a specific aspect of it.