1.B manufacture refers to the action of creating or producing something. When refering to a verb, you need to identify the word that describes an action or state, rather than a thing or a quality.

2.C the use of plural nouns and pronouns had the quality of refering to everyone, with no distinction of sex and appropiate for a formal style.

3.C ‘less’ is used in uncountable nouns, while ‘few’ is for countable nouns, since “people” is countable(you can count persons), ‘few’ is the correct word.

4.D. ‘Me’ is an object personal pronoun. Pronouns are used instead of nouns to refer to things or people, in this case it refers to the speaker.

5. A. This option directly adresses the reader. It is informal, and the vocabulary is attractive. The other options are too formal or do not address the reader.

6.C. The consequence of not filling out the form is not too clear. The language is somewhat strange and not straight-forward enough.

7.D the prewriting stage is essential to the succes of the writing process. It involves considering the target audience, the goal and objectives, and the appropiate style, and the ideas that should be included. It also involves planning. This is the stage you should spend more time on.

8.D it is a conjunction because it links both parts of the sentence and establishes a connection between them.

9.B “their” refers to all members of the class, without distinguishing gender. While the other pronouns do not refer to every person that is part of the class.

10. D “You” is a personal pronoun that addresses the reader directly. It is personal in the sense that it is used to express the author’s opinion.

11. A. A plural pronoun has to be used because the subject refers to two people together, and not to alternatives. Therefore, choice A needs plural concord.

12. C. The question “which one…” usually asks about a quality in an object. Since qualities are expressed by adjectives, this part of speech is the correct one.

13. D. The dictionary is crucial to use words appropiately, since it provides information about the meaning and context in which a word is tipically used.

14. B the pronoun “that” refers to the subject of the relative clause, namely “report”.

15. B. An idea is usually expressed in a bussiness or technical document, one that can be accepted or not. A value can be shown, but it is not generally the purpose of writing

16. C. ‘On’ is a preposition of place indicating position

17. B. Technical jargon should be used when addressing a group of specialists in a certain field, like a group of Ph.D.’s

18. C. Being concrete means using only the necessary words to fulfill the intended meaning

19. A. The sentence seems correct, the changes proposed do not apply, and change the original meaning

20. C “we” is a first person plural pronoun because it refers to the speaker and his/her audience at the same time.