The right matches are:

1. nuclear envelope  is matched with b.

2.centriole  is matched with  a.

3.interphase is matched with j.

4.furrowing  is matched with h.  

5.anaphase  is matched with g.

6.spindle apparatus is matched with f.

7.chromatin is matched with i.

8.haploid is matched with c.

9.meiosis is matched with e.  

10.homologous chromosomes is matched with d.

Cell division consists of the formation of two or more cells from a single cell, which ensures their numerical growth. During mitosis of a cell, each daughter cell is identical to the mother cell. During meiosis, the mother cell gives two haploid daughter cells with n chromosomes, then each of these daughter cells give two n chromatid cells.

May be some word in this exercise are not very common like:

The mitotic spindle, allows chromatid migration during cell division.

The dividing groove is the invagination of the cell surface that allows the cell to divide in two.

Centriole is a specific cell element of animal cells, which form the centrosomes located at both poles of the cell.