The correct matches are:

Driest biome – Desert

Characterizes with less than 250 mm of precipitation annually, covered with rocks and sand, lacking in flora and fauna.

Largest biome – Coniferous forest

Spreads out across most of Canada and Russia, as well as the higher mountains in the mid latitudes, thus being the largest biome in the planet.

Most species diversity – Rainforest

The constantly warm and humid climate with high precipitation enables the highest diversity in botht he flora and fauna in the planet.

Least species diversity – Tundra

Very inhospitable, most of the year is winter, extremely cold temperatures, lacking in food sources and water, all factors that don’t allow big diversity in the species.

Four seasons – Temperate deciduous forest

Experiences warm and cold periods, with intermediate periods in between, known as seasons, the spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Used to grow crops – Grasslands

The soil is the deepest and richest in nutrients, so they provide the perfect conditions for the development of the agriculture.