30% as a fraction, huh? This isn’t too hard! As you may know percentages can only go up to 100. That’s because they are a ratio out of 100. In other words a percentage in fraction form just looks like this: 


So, it would be:  frac{30}{100}
This fraction can be simplified by dividing each term by 10 (removing a zero from each of the numbers)

So the final number is:  frac{3}{10}

That is one method of finding the fraction. The other way isn’t too much harder. Take the percentage you have and convert it from a percentage to a decimal. 

If you have forgotten how to convert a percentage to a decimal then here is how you do it!: 


This time you divide the percentage by 100. You end up with the decimal 0.3. The 3 is in the tenths place, thus you can rewrite it as 3/10. (A decimal is just a fraction…. if it is in the tenths place then it is that number OVER 10 as a fraction!)

So our final answer comes out to be once again, 3/10!