Czar Nicholas II ascends to the throne.

World War I begins.

Food and fuel shortages lead to widespread revolts.

Czar Nicholas’s family is murdered by the Red Army.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic is established.


THe Czar Nicholas II ascended to the throne in 1894 after his father the Czar Alexander III died, his father was known as the peacemaker because of his conservative policies and because, oddly for a Russian emperor, he promoted no wars and avoided all armies confrontation.

World War I begun in 1914, with the assasination of the Duke Francis Ferdinand, a problem between two balcanic countries that escalated when the allies of each country were drawn into war.

After the WWI begun and the active involvement of Russia in the war, Russians weren´t happily suffering the consequences of a war, shortage on fuel and food, situations that the russian people hadn´t lived in over 50 years and weren´t used to lead to revolts and the creation of the red army.

This revolutionaries murdered Czar Nicholas´s family in March 1917, even after he had abdicated the throne before and was hidding ever since.

Finally after 5 years of struggling and civil war, the Union Of Soviet Socialists Republics was established in 1922.