1. The correct answer is: “France was left deeply in debt.”

Louis XIV wanted France to be the biggest European nation, because of this he pursued many wars, such as The War of Devolution, The Franco-Dutch War, and The Nine Years War. But to remain at war France needed the money and this caused the exhaustion of France’s finances.

2. The correct answer is: “France put more power in the hands of its monarchy.”

While England started to remove absolute power from monarchy, France went on the other way, giving more power to the hands of the monarchy because French Aristocrats needed monarchy to maintain their privileges. This ended up being one of the causes of the French Revolution.

3. The correct answer is: “preside over the growth of a large empire.”

Philip II of Spain had many accomplishments, he stopped the growth of the Ottoman Empire in the West Mediterranean area, he defeated the French army. During his reign, Spain was in it’s Golden Age and because of that, he is known as to preside the empire.