Day 7 Thursday Night Tournament: Huoyer retired, packaging workers 26:10 lightweight bear teamBeijing time October 21, Friday 8: 30, the 7th week of NFL regular season opened the battlefield, 3 wins and 2 losses of Green Bay packaging team hosted 1 win 5 losses of Chicago bear team. Green Bay Star 4-point Wei Alon Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) career 16 times against Chicago, the record is 12 wins and 4 losses, accounting for absolute advantages. However, last season Green Bay has lived on the home of 13-17, the Bear team, Chicago successfully split Brett Favre jersey number decommissioning ceremony.

Line guard K.J. Wright: Will not be salary for salaryAlthough the line guard K.J. Lete (K.J. Wright) I hope to continue to take care of the Hawks, even in this selection of your own team, he is not willing to pay for this.

Packaging workfinder close-edge harride CookGreen Bay packaging workers have been signed with the close-up of the front-end, the Jared Cook, which is a free player. Jared Cook. According to the NFL official website, Ian RapoPort, the two sides signed a contract for its 1 year worth $ 3.6 million. In fact, Cook has reached an agreement with the packager last week but not immediately signed until this week, Cook returned to the Green Bay for medical examination, he will start the nearer in the competition team next season.

After the end of this season, Macrlin will become a free player. But he and McCaye said that he hopes to be a member of the eagle, winning the victory in the playoffs. McCoo said: “This is very difficult, every year we all fight for the playoffs. Our goal is not only to enter the playoffs, we also hope to win a victory. I hope to have something in the future. Breakthrough, the goal is still a super bowl. “

There are two bones in the back of Romo, but it is still possible to play.According to reports, Dallas denim quadruple Tony Romo was hit in the Monday night of Washington Red Leather, which was hit by two bones in the back.

In terms of data, Green Bay packaging workers quartz 阿 阿 杰 56 中 39, 326 yards, 3 reached 0 CD. Thai-Montgomery 9-lane, 60 yards; 10 battles, 66 yards. Randaur – Kubo 5-lamina, 21 yards; 11 pick, 95 yards, 1 ball reachable. External handle of Vante – Adams 13 ball, 132 yards, 2 reachaes.

The transverse is a small bone extending from both sides of the spine. Jones Jones Jerry Jones said whether Romo depends on whether he can endure the pain caused by the injury. And if Romo can’t play, the denim will let Brandon Weeden start.

Dian Jelo Williams has been a member of the Pittsburgh, and is also a teammate of Bell. Recently, he said that if he is Bell, he will absent the training camp of the entire lift season because of his unable to complete a long-term contract, and attend the team regular season.

In the second half, Green Bay is first attacking. Three gears 10 yards, Rogers were killed and slammed by leonard floy, Freud himself picked up the ball and scored a score, the bear team once 10: 6 lead packaging work. The score-behind packat offensive group suddenly returned, Thai-Montgomery Take short passed 30 yards, Randaur – Kobo brought 18 yards, Dafan – Adams 5 yards, pack, package worker 13: 10 leads. After getting two first attack, the bear team had to abandon it again. Dafan – Adams continuously received the number of large numbers to Rogers.

ESPN’s Todd Archer reported that both transverse macrocence suffered by Romo. This is a bad news for the majority of cowboy fans, but it is reported that Romo is still possible in the game on Sunday. Therefore, the denim team decided to play the list before the game.

At present, the four-point Wei Alon-Rogers 60.2% this season only ranks 26th, plus the main running Di Di-Lexi (Eddie Lacy) race reimbursement, James Starks (James Starks) About 4 weeks, the Green Bay offensive group can be a big point of the game. In terms of the bear team, the quarter-free BRIAN HOYER has reached 100.8, and the four semi-competition came out of 6 reached 0 copies, but their record was only 1 win. Negative; in order to win a victory, the performance of the bear defensive group is crucial.

Cook was selected in the third round of Tenna West in 2009, followed by Jeff Fisher to transfer the ram in the 2013 season, and he has never been able to take advantage of himself in the three seasons of the ram. Excellent physical conditions, only 142 times a total of 142 times in three seasons, cheap Jerseys 1786 yards and 8 times, last season, there is no boller to reach. Hope to cooperate with the top quarter from Aaron Rodgers to make the performance of Cook on the field.

McCay: Still eager to participate in the playoffsReview the 2009 draft, Philadelphia Eagle selected two teams to attack the cornerstone: External hand Jeremy Maclin and Runwah Shane – McCoo McCoy. After 5 years, the two still did not taste the taste of winning in the playoffs.

Although the current close-end front of the packaging work is Richard Rogers, it is second to pick up the secondary pick point in the last season (58th ball) 510 yards 8 reacted), but his performance is still unsatisfactory, and another close-end Feng Andrew Quadu is still free players, which makes the packwork for replenishing The desire of the end of the end is extremely strong.