Since Rac is accepting his shoulder injury since January 2017, his right shoulder injury has determined the fate of the Pony. Last year he missed all the training, training camps and final season of the team. Rak took two weeks of training in mid-October, but then he still felt sore, the Pony decided to let him continue to rest and let him accept drug injection treatment. He went to the Netherlands for a 6-month recovery at the end of last year and trained in Southern California and passed experts at the beginning of this year.

Crow Safety Wei Denne – Elliot: Confident Can Replaces Timas

After the Baltimore Collus quickly decided to cut off Earl Thomas, the third grade player Dedio Elliot will serve as the first security sanctuary when it is less than a month away from the season. .

In 2018, the sixth round of the draft was severely injured in the past two seasons before his career. Before the rookie season, he was placed in the injury reserve list because of the arm fracture. In the last season, he only played 6 games, and he won 6 times and destroyed the ball, followed by the knee injury again.

“I respect Earl and his performance, but I don’t care Earl; I care about what I can do for my teammates,” Elliott said. “I know that I will complete the excellent defensive performance, I know we will work hard to become a good team. So, no matter what I need to do, I will do. Whether it is 8 times, 10 turn-up still did not copy Down, no matter what I need to help my team play out, win the final goal of our match we need to win, this is my only concern. “

NFL TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the reason why the Hawk was cut off this decision because he was found to try a female guest to sneak into the team. This woman also wearing a jersey attempt to disguise into a player.

Fraco said in an interview: “Lost Torre is a loss to us, we lose a speed outstanding, can stabilize the players who have completed the ball. But I think we need to do this, there are still Many external works, they are all great. In my personal opinion, the existing ball lineup is already good enough. “

The best jersey in Wilson is the best jersey in Perton Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Dallas denim Endz – Bryant is ranked in Sixth, and Manzel fell to seventh. The highest defensive player is J.j. Watt, ranked tenth.

According to the NFL player’s data, this accounting quarter from June 1st to August 31st, the sales of Wilson names and T-shirts were printed more than all other players’ jerseys T-shirt. Wilson rushed back to the first place from the hands of Klivland Brown, Johnny Manzie, the latter jersey was hot goods in the next few weeks after he was taken by Brown.

According to informed sources confirmed the news, this season as coach of the New York Giants quarterback Danny – Rangsdorf (Danny Langsdorf) will only leave the club after a season coaching the team, his new job is Nebraska offensive coordinator at the University of. Zeng and the University of Nebraska before Rangsdorf new head coach Mike Riley – (Mike Riley) at Oregon State University worked together before, when Riley was the head coach, offensive coordinator Rangsdorf four part-time Wei coach.

“Of course, it is a confident young man & mdash; & mdash; sometimes too confident,” said Hewit. “But he is definitely not confident in any way. He has always been such a person. He came to the team and ready to appear. When he came to the court, he brought the vitality to other defensive group players. He is such a person. I love him to play the way. “

Fraco: Don’t worry about external hands on the problem

Baltimore Collus urgently needs to reinforce existing external lineup. With the departure of Torrey Smith, the team is trusted, only 36 years old Steve Smith left. In this regard, Https:// the quartz Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO) is not worried.

The election will arrive, the expert media is the crow, and the crow should be selected in the draft. Last season, the performance of the new show is shining in front, and there is no shortage of excellent junctions in this selection. At the same time, the success of the new show last season has also given this extension to a certain extent. The insider said that the crow will not deliberately in the election. If there is a good external connector, the team will not hesitate, but if there is no, the crow has confident to reinforce lineup with other ways.

New York Giants quarterbacks coach leaving the team to switch to NCAA

Quarterback Eli – Manning (Eli Manning) next season will usher in a contract year, but also ushered in three years, the third quarterback coach.

Buying jersey is the fans showing their support of the most popular way, but is not the only way. In the previous accounting quarter, the real people of PEYTON Manning were best sold, while Eddie Lacy’s shaking doll was best.

On the issue of contract Manning Giants have a huge problem to be solved, his contract will expire after the end of next season. The team did not choose to contract with him at this time last year, this step could reduce his huge salary cap space while in the case of his performance last season decline may be able to use a cheap nfl jerseys contract to keep him in the team. Now, if Manning would like to get a big contract, it all depends on his ability to problem does not arise in the transition from one coach to another coach in the process.