The following should be eliminated to create a formal tone in writing:

1. Contractions- Contractions refer to short forms, that combine a long word, or two words into one word, by using an apostrophe. Examples of contractions include shortening “would not” to “wouldn’t”, “cannot” to “can’t”, and “should have” to “should’ve”. Contractions should be avoided in formal writing, since they are generally used informally and conversationally.

2. Slang language– ¬†Slang language refers to the use of informal and colloquial language. For instance, if you use words such as “Yo”, “Bro”, “Turnt”, “Fleek”, etc. Slang language must be avoided in formal writing, so that it does not deter from the effectiveness and tone of the text.

3. Opinion statements– In formal writing, objectivity is key, thus, opinion statements- which are subjective in nature- must be avoided. An example of an opinion statement would be: “The research study indicated that toddler boys are more aggressive than girls. However, I disagree with these findings.”