The 49 people led by Cape Nick this season, 1 won, three weeks ago, he only completed 2 passes in the game of 2 times before the game, he contributed 5 cases that were copied, the pair of Arizona, and contributed 4 times were copied 4 times.

Kyle Jing: The goal will be the playoffsThe Chicago Bear Attack Diagonal Kyle Long revealed this week, the team’s goal is still striving to enter the playoffs. Although the bear is currently only 3 wins and 5 losses, it is good to think that this year is better than last season.

So when the red bird is in the Famous Hall of Fame, Drew Stanton will serve as the first quartz. I don’t know if Dak Prescott will appear for the cowboy, but it can be said that he will not play a lot of time. Once the fans think of the meaning of the preseason, then their excitement will not last long.

Colin – Katnik: I don’t worry about my work.So far, San Francisco’s 49-person management groups and team coaches have insisted on using Colin Kaepernick, which means that he will not face unemployment in this season.

Champion showed excellent performance in the second game in the preseasonIn a preseason in Beijing Time 25, Tampawan pirates took 25:11 to Cincinnati, and the pirates, the new show, Jameis Winston, also completed their career. The second game. He has a clear progress in the game, showing a good competitive state.

Lang said: “We will strive to enter the playoffs. If everyone doesn’t think so, then we must prove yourself.” With John Fox (John Fox) and Adam Gase, the add, bear The team’s offense has improved this season, and the defense is also the best after the Lovie Smith (Lovie Smith). Although the opening phase was defeated in Arizona Rockets and Seattle Eagle, the bear team defeated the Auckland raid, Kansas City chief and San Diego flashing team. Lang’s confidence is not complete.

The Bill Rules Recent Revision 13-3, since the first weeks of the United States, the United States, the United States, and sequentially defeated the horses and crows in the playoffs. This is the best performance of McDurto, but it is still better than his mentor, taught the eight-year coach Andi REID.

This signing does not mean that the saints will never choose a defensive cutout in the election or introduce an old will in the free player market. Fernage is the best when the play is played, not the 60% defensive file.

Palmer and Fitzgerarke will not participate in the celebrities.Beijing July 23, the appearance of the season is usually disappointed. The fans can only read the three-tier players who have been excited to finally have the game but they can only see a group of three-tier players who fight for the chance of levy. At least Arizona Red President Bruce Alians warned you in advance.

Nike Patriots #26 Logan Ryan Navy Blue Team Color Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite JerseyThis week, the bear’s opponent will be the St. Louis ram, and if you lose the game season, you will be very embarrassing. The team’s important attack weapon Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte are still not sure whether it can be played this week.

Early Early Early Efficacy in Detroit Lion Decoction Fernali has already proved that he can become a destructive player in the past two seasons. He will take the inside defensive front line with John Jenkins.

Fernage has a shortcoming as a defensive player in each gear, but he can impact his opponent quartz. When the season was used as a rotational player, he was evaluated as the sixth good ball of the defending front line player in the professional football. In the past five seasons, Fairley is an excellent pass shock every season.

McDold said: “The two teams still have a gap. This problem is not solved by simple answers. All of our people, from me, need to continue cheap jerseys from china the province, ask yourself. Our coach needs It’s better, the big list needs to be enhanced, and the operation needs to be improved. “

Winston’s most worthy of 8 success is transmitted to 8 different teammates, which makes people feel the diversity of their teachings and style. However, since Winston sprained the ankle in the second quarter, there was no appearance. The team’s head of Jessi-Smith (Lovie Smith) said that Winston injury was no more important after the game, and he did not place it again in a stable consideration.

Winston event quickly entered a state, quickly leading a wave of 80-size offensive streams with 80 yards. In this field, he got 90 yards in 9 in 9, and once a mushroom reached, the passers—– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – In fact, Winston’s data is better, he has had a successful sideway with Vincent Jackson, but unfortunately, due to the foul from the team, it is in a three-speed conversion. The Tim Wright is inadvertently detaisting in the face of Winson already in place.