The 26-year-old Davis spent the entire 2015 season after the ceremony was worried about the brain shaken. The entire 2015 season was spent in the reserve / retired list. NFL official website reporter Mike Garafolo said Davis placed the center of gravitation in the first position after returning to 2016.

Men's 1980 Olympic USA  #17 Jack O'Callahan  White Stitched JerseySmith Shuste said: “Until I sure that I have to leave, I will always be a steel man player. & Hellip; & hellip; I have a good chemical reaction & hellip; & hellip; I am happy to play with big. I have been Say to him with me for four years, but he is still a lot, we can only develop after sitting. “

Let’s talk about the confrontation of rushing and protection, according to the PFF rankings, the patriots attacked the front line of the front line, the pavement was smashed, but the pass protection is only the union, considering the Semasines – Wo Dove’s reimbursement, this grade seems to be good. Confused Falcon, they will let Vic-Bisley, Jonathan-Babino and Dwight Fritney, is the same, so that their rush is very lack of talent and single-handed ability. . You can familiarize with the friends of the Falcon. The playoffs’ front of the Falcon’s Falcon, which is very explosive. It is not awkward to the sea eagle, and it can be used to create a 16th raid to the burst of packaging. Consolidation, equal to telling the world, the Falcon Play match can be used to get rid of the opponent with high rash ratios, and the patriot is not afraid of raid, this group is more interesting.

Staring in the defense, the primary problem is, who is going to Alo Jones? If Antonio-Brown is a secrete, Beckham is a killer, then Hurio Jones is a knife, such as the Guan Gongwei, Qinglong, the moon knife, five clocks, he is like a murder machine that sets the data in the game, he The height weight speed explosive force combination simply arrived in the perfect point, with an average of 3.2 yards per gear route, and the efficiency is far from the whole union. Patriot Two major corners of Battler and Logan – Ryan in PFF tariffs are the fellowships of the League Warfay, the first two battles, the two battles, the two battles, also destroyed Dudere – Hopkins and Antonio – Brown, But privately, Badler and Ryan, is not Hurio-Jones’s opponent. If Jones is not an opponent, Jones is not an opponent, so it does not take advantage of the fast short pass, and Jones is likely to be slightly wins, and the two are more than 13 cm, it is a car and truck. Various striking. If Badler is dead, the opponent faced by Logan-Lane? Fay, Taylor, Gabriel, all like Mohammad Sanu, which in this season passed the quarter-off guards in Gabriel divided into 144.1, as long as the ball is a large size, it is a falcon X factor, The patriot is extremely difficult to prevent. Other oppositions, the clock family opposes a neighborhood (Le Wen – Toylo or Austin Hubop), Hai Ter is opposed to a certain running guard (Delwen Tower – Freman or special Wen – Colemann, although it is slightly advantageous, the Falcon’s goals are a large number of goals, and they cannot focus on dealing, and their running is unprepared, and the soft ribs specially defensive are equally despised.

At present, steel people still need to consider how to reorganize the four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger contract, and the $ 4.12 million salary space of HETY is released. At present, the total salary of steel people has exceeded $ 19 million expected wage capsules.

Steelman line Wei Harrison is dissatisfied with the game time Old Wire Wire James Harrison (James Harrison) is less than the number of times the steel man is, and only 29 defensive groups will play. Laoha is very unhappy.

This 39-year-old old will sign a contract with the steel man in March, this season has not been activated. Two games have not participated in training. When I was asked, I would not sign a contract with another team, Harrison said: “Of course, who will do anyone will refuse?”

Bronte last season 299 times in the patriot, get 1161 yards and 18 reachaes. The patriot has provided him to him, but Brunt did not accept it. The patriots have complemented Rex Burkhead and Mike Gillislee, with Mike Gillislee.

Cool! In fact, the most recent two playoffs, the best two outer rushers Chris Lang and Jia Bal-Shelde only 20 files per game, almost just in the end of the game When you debut, you will have a problem in the side of the side, which has responded Cheap jerseys from china the side, and the patriot is not using the best rushing hand at the routine attack and defense time (non-received). What do they do? Front line with Alan-Blarach, Malmore – Brown and Trefrace, where Faulles has a good bobility.线 卫层 罗布 – Ningkevich, Kyle Vanoi and Tang Tang Haiteor, of which Ningkevich and Haoter are very close to the front line, equivalent to two 3-4 outline guards, only in the middle Leave a Vanoi. On the defensive latter line, Malmo-Butler and Logan-Lannifun, the other side of the first two, three safety guards, German-McCoti and Duran – Harmont, if the opponent is used The three foreign pickup lineup withdraws Harnes, and sends the second grade corner to Eric – Luo; if the opponent sent a strong punch, the clock family puts the line guard, restores 3-4 basic formation, facing the run Do not suffer from the loss, it is likely that it is possible to play unexpected effects in the super bowl. Don’t look at this set of array is relatively fixed. In fact, the defensive coordinator Mat-Patricia often uses three people, so Ningkevic and Hai Taol will remove the area after the same People’s regional defensive manufacturing, in fact, this strategy is very easy to understand, since there is insufficient influence efficiency, you don’t want to went to rush, but only three people will be transferred to keep four-point guard will not run, other eight people guard Five pick-up, with the number of people to win. At this point, the patriot is still unable to manufacture a decent pressure, and the leading command of Can Patricia is very likely to let the patriotic strategic abandon the boom, but in the guard against the Falcon. Trouble, test is Matt Ryan’s heart, and the “Ding Ding Cows”, after all, the super bowl of the road, Lien is very small to face such a tactical routine.