The message the author is trying to convey is that hatred will get you no where, and it will only lead to your demise. In the end, you think about what does and doesn’t matter. The author says this why describing the death of her father, describing the things he once owned, and now saying they were useless overall. The structure and style of the text contributed to this message by conveying their emotion throughout the text in a very proper sort of style. Their words were stiff, and somewhat formal, but they did not diminish the overall strong emotion this person was saying throughout the text, that hatred, and the separation of race, meant nothing in the end. And it had to stop. Because, the author says, “Hatred, which could destroy much, never failed to destroy the man who hated”. It’s obvious that the possible racism that had gone down during this time had lead to the death of their father, and their social standing affects that of the text because they are right in the middle of the negativity, and are facing the racism of the separation of black people and white people head on. This person is discovering that, in the end, we all have our fates lined out for us. We are all responsible for what is to come, regardless of who we are or what we look like. The author covey’s that hatred of one another and agents people is completely pointless, and that in the end, it will be the destruction of us all.

Hope this helped :). Sorry if it doesn’t!