When you have further asked if you will continue to play in next season, you will reiterate yourself. “I will spend some time with my family, I will pray for this, make sure this is correct for me and my family.”

British is a player who has been cultivated by the Hawks Ambago, Tom Cable, and he undertakes various tasks on the offensive front in the first three seasons. In the free player market, this type of ability and positive will be very valuable. The sea eagle ensures that there will be no team to take him away for a long time.

In 2014, the second round of the selection of the Selection of the Sea Eagle was first sent 16 games in the rookie season. Subsequently, he changed the striker, and finally determined to stay in the center, he was starting in the last season. 15 games.

Juhai Ying just lost and wild horses, I was at the end of the column of the alliance: if the Hawo’s defensive group would landslide, the reason would not be other, it will only be because of the defensive front line Losing the depth of the rotation and lost the intensity of the game. And the first seasays come down, although the reality has not confirmed predictions, but the problem is still naked, I am not predicting the emperor, in fact, I can see the lack of the Haying’s argument, but I didn’t expect it true. Quong.

If it is finally decided to retire, this will be a huge blow for steel people. In the past, they did not cultivate a large number of substitutes. Landry Jones, which is about to be free players, was served as No. 2 quartz, Zach Mettenberger, served as No. 3 quartz. Both people have no ability to let the steel people compete to the championship.

Gao Fu was packaged to a lion with a few selection signs, exchanged the other party quarter-saving Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford). Gaofu said that he is very happy. “Can you go to a place where I want me, I will appreciate me.”

Los Angeles Lightning is one of the teams that are often considered to be Breddy. The team runs Austin, Austin Ekeler, said that he believes that lightning in the offensive group has sufficient good players to help Braddy succeed in the offensive group. In addition, he believes that Braddy can bring important impact on the team.

Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. At the beginning of the front line season, I have a little better. I can take the first ten in front of the league. However, recent weeks, leader Max Angle injured, Steve Hiri became a first, and the sea eagle offensive frontline and faster, Not only is the pavement attack, and the pass protection has also emerged.

The Hawks and Strong Justin Brit (Justin Britt) renewed for 3 years. This contract is $ 27 million, and Britt will get $ 13.25 million in the first year of the contract. The contract also includes $ 15 million in guarantee income.

In fact, rarely criticism is for Cheap nfl jerseys From china Jones, more for Gatman who spends the draft capital that spends him, especially the entire snap-in, Titman is talking to Eli Manning (Eli Manning Sucker. Many experts think that Jones has an ideal body shape and his performance in the short attack makes him perfect for Pat Shurmur’s offensive system.

However, the good scene is not long, the emperor gradually discovered that the generals around the mountains were unhappy, the training did not have a spirit, the emperor thought, give you a reward, excite the military heart, then give a small and thank you Incident, Xiaoto is a product, Xiao Ben is the leader of the two products. Most of this sons have no opinions, but there is also a part of the Lord to be jealous, Cheng Tian and Emperor are doing the general Marshal, and the beast Xiaolin is more threatening. If he does not let him be a soldier and horses, he is no longer With the soldiers, the emperor is really the arm mush up the thigh. I promised to give him a general general, and the chaos successfully seals the soldiers and horses. But this is just a way to slow, and the emperor has been planning, the young Pume is the right candidate of the future soldiers and Malaysia, but he is too young, it is still unpair.

Todd Galley: Gaoff still has sufficient playing ability

The four-point Guardian Garid Golf Recently was traded by the Ram to the Detroum Lion, wholesale nfl jerseys and Todd Gurley had an experience of the feeling of leaving the ram.

Run Weikeler: Si Duan Tem-Braddy will be very suitable for lightning

In addition to the new England Patriots, there is no team to touch the four-point Wei Tom Braddy before the legal contact period. But this does not represent other team players to comment on Brradi’s future.

Golley said in an interview: “I don’t think about this. But you have to know, I like Gaoff, I like him very much. He is a good person. But no one cares who is a good person. I still There is a place to play, I hope that those people will open their arms and welcome him, don’t be too picky, let him play. He became a reason for the reason, and still had enough playing ability. “