Gao Fu said: “Any performance is very good. This is even my conservative statement, because I don’t want these young people to be full. But he is really impressive and excellent. I remembered the Xiu’s rookie period, At that time, his performance far exceeded the same session. & Hellip; & hellip; everything is very fast, and it has a very outstanding exercise ability. I think he learned the offensive system, understanding the speed of knowledge is also very amazing, and look forward to him Play together. “

Ram 4 points Wei Gaoff: External handficial – Jefferson learned very quickly

After the External Hand Brians Cooks is traded to Texas, the young players of the ram have received the opportunity to compete for the appearance time.

Now, Glaham officially received a penalty of the alliance. $ 30,000 may not be a lot to him, but this figure is twice as much as the fine of Johnny Manzie, and his fined reasons is to stand in the opponent.

Glaham was fined $ 30,000 by the alliance of “planting”

The New Orleans Saint Square, the star, Jimmy Graham, has a household name: whenever he completed the reaches, put the ball again into the goal. But now, his iconic action is clearly prohibited by cheap nfl jerseys.

The plateau environment at home, Denver is able to help the force. Last season, the gold averaged 47.4 yards every time, the number of net codes reached 42.7 yards, and the League of the League is six and third, and he has 28 abandoned kick into the opponent 20 yards.

However, Glaham didn’t seem to put the new regulations of the league in their eyes. In the preseason of the Tennesi Titan team, he completed two times, two dunks, and therefore received two yellow flags. Saint Team’s headcroped Sean Payton felt quite dissatisfied with Glaham’s sense of body, not only on the court, but also in the reporter’s press conference, the name was criticized. .

“Big Ben,” said his wrist injury is okay

Pittsburgh Steelers in last week’s home game against the New Orleans Saints game, Steelers quarterback Ben – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) during a pass right hand hit the Saints linebacker Cortés – Luo on Grafton (Curtis Lofton) helmet, the lens can be seen from the “Big Ben” very painful after the injury, his brow wrinkled and kept washing his hands to ease the pain. After the game, “Big Ben”, said in an interview at the time that they have lost a few fingers numb directly, but he is unlikely because these injuries on the fate of the rest.

Las Vegas raids held training in the new stadium for the first time

When many Las Vegas raid players, coaches and staff set foot on the venue of the new court, the sound cheap nfl jerseys from china the broadcast was welcomed by a fierce message.

This is like a rehearsal for the raid. They conducted the first trip to 20,000 US dollars on Friday. Here training is the idea of ​​the team coach Jon Grunden. Due to the influence of the epidemic, the raid person held the empty spot in the first season of Las Vegas.

Before the training begins, the raids show a variety of facilities of the new stadium, and they show the players on the three-screen display, and play the fans through the top audio equipment. There is also a 95-foot (about 29 m) torch in the court, burning the flame of the front boss Al Davis. There is also a transparent roof, and a sliding door and a true grass course for the casino area.

In Wednesday’s interview, “Big Ben” directly denied the rumors about his wrist bone fragments, he said: “My wrist without any problems.” At a time when critical stage playoff tickets, situation is not optimistic about the Steelers must not be lost, so be it, “Big” fingers have not recovered intuition he will definitely play. However, “Big Ben” The recent state concern, since scared to Heaven for two consecutive weeks six passing touchdowns “Big” sank into a slump, and the Saints game against the Titans appears multiple times pass the ball too slow deviation or problem, Steelers and “Big” are urgent adjustment.

Xiong team near the arm Zack – Miller knee

In Sunday, the Bear near the Saint-Terrier-Miller-Miller and Michelle-Trubisky seems to have completed a pass to the array. But this offense is so happy that it is so happy.

The raid man welcomes the first show of the New Stadium when he greeted the Saints of New Orleans on September 21. Although fans cannot be hung in admission, there is no doubt that the team will feel their vitality.

Official playback shows that Miller did not maintain the control of the ball during the landing process, and the bear team scored only with any ball. Miller himself also sat on the ground and grabbed the knee after attacking, and later appeared by a truck.

“Welcome to death, our opponents’ dreams are shattered here,” the boss of the raid, Mark Davis shouted in the radio. “My father always said that the greatness of the raid is its future. Today, the future is really starting. This magnificent stadium is based on thousands of players, coaches, managers and fans, in the past 60 years They are proud of their own silver black. “