The incident of the crow head is hunting, this week will appear this week.This week Bal’s Mosus Crow will usher in a game that is only allowed to win, not allowed, the opponent is Jacksonville America. The crow header takes away Torre – Smith Smith is currently listed as “possibilities” by the team, which means that he will basically determine it this week.

Last week’s game is not happy for Tart, he is just as a rotation of running guard. Since the season, this old coach 104 times, backward and Terrence West 107 times. At the same time, another new Shiya-Klovo is also completed 64 rush attempts. Although Tatt did not public complaining about his situation, he was still intended to disclose the idea that he hoped to get more ball in an interview. Tatt said: “This is a bump on the road. Just now, I seem to be a good player.”

Carol: Talking about “The Sea Verity” is prematureWith the Seattle Hawks, the “Sea Eagle Dynasty” said that the “Sea Eagle Dynasty” said. In an interview with local time, Pete Carroll, said that it is very exciting to participate in the final finals for two consecutive years. But for the “Haiying Dynasty” said that Carol believes that this problem is still prematurely.

Brown Running Ben – Tatt hopes to get more ball rightsIn March this year, Ben Tate signed a contract with Cleveland Brown a 2-year value worth $ 6.2 million. Originally the team planned him as the main use of iron hits, but due to its own injury and the outstanding play of the new show, Tatt currently declined in the team’s status.

Smith misses the team on Wednesday on Wednesday, but he returned to training from Friday, and participated in all projects. Before last week, Torre-Smith was also listed as “possibilities”, but he was injured when he was warm, and finally he only participated in 15 attacks, did not complete any ball. John Harbaugh, said that the team will decide whether to arrange Smith before the game.

Pirates take over Jackson or will fight for me Tampa Bay Pirates will be in the absence of veteran, Vincent Jackson this week, against the Atlantan Falcon. A few days ago, Pirates announced that Louis Murphy will absent all the rest of this season, now Jackson looks a few weeks.

Brown coaches are emphasizing Tatt’s importance throughout the season, but they also admit that only a better running guard can get more opportunities. The coach hopes that Tatt can use experience to lead the team to advance, and look forward to him to win more numbers in the game and stage more super performance. This week Brown’s opponent will be Tat’s former East Houston Texas, Tatt looks forward to re-start.

In a four-year career, Smith has never lacking a game. But because the opponent is weak this week, it is possible to arrange the crow to arrange the possibility of continuing to rest. If Smith is determined that it cannot be played, Kamar Aiken will have the opportunity to debut in the first time in his career. At the same time, Steve Smith will play a more important role in the offense.

In 2012, the second round of Selection of Hayward succeeded in the rookie season, but he declined due to injuries in 2013 and 2014 due to injuries. But he expressed his rebound in 2015, ranked first in all packaging plots in all packaging time.

cheap nfl jerseys From china official website reporter Rand Getlin reported that the former Green Bay packaging worker angle will be signed with lightning according to the infantry news. Casey Hayward. This contract is $ 15.3 million in three years.

Carol said: “This kind of saying, the so-called & lsquo; Dynasty & Rsquo;, it should be discussed in the fact that the fact has occurred. Many years later, when we recall a certain period, we may admit that a ball The team’s success. Only that time, we will give them a crown & lsquo; Dynasty & Rsquo; Name. “Carol said, patriot in Bill Belichick and Tom – Brady (Tom Brady) 6 times into the Times, I entered the super bowl, which may be called a “Dynasty”.

Carol said: “The so-called & rsquo;” The Dynasty “should be like the patriot. They stayed in the partition for a long time. I mean, they have achieved incredible achievements, over the past 12 years, 10 times after the season The first round of the game is empty. “Carol is eager to succeed and desire to win more championships. But he repeatedly emphasized that the current sea eagle is not enough to be called the “Dynasty”.

After losing Jackson, another external handle of the pirates Mike Evans will become the number one weapon in the team’s pass attack. Recently, excellent ground offensive will also play a more important role in the future game.

According to the NFL official website reporter, Jackson injured in the last week of the game, he would determine that it could not appear in this week. As for when the injury is returned, the team has not given a clear time. As of this week, Jackson completed 21 times, promoted 319 yards, and dedicated 2 time to catch the ball.

Goodel said: “I am very concerned about this problem. Two weeks ago, the five famous halls took over and several coaches came to we discussed rules. We hope to give reasonable explanations on the three-party position of the referee, coach and players. What happens currently does not want to see it. “