The opponent’s opponents in the emirate are Texas, two quarter-defense new stars, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson will be one of the focus. The chief plan allows the maximum amount of 22% of the maximum amount to be present, which is 16046 people.

6 players participating in the addition of the draft are the Torni Si Si Si Shepard, and the Virginia Technological University Long King Handler Eddie D & # 39; Antuono, Purdue University Defense Front player Lazan – Howard (Ra & # 39; Zahn Howard, Sam Houston University Runja Garn Overstreet, Canada Calgary University, La Wen – Simonnes ( Rashaun Simonise and Canada Kangjadia University Defensive Dragon Card Melton – Walton Walton.

This week, they once again met on Monday night. This is the second time in this season. At present, the record of the red leather team is 3 wins and 2 losses. The eagle will laugh at 5 wins and 1 laugh. If you can win this game, the eagle will not only further consolidate the leading advantages in the partition, but also get the throne of the national leader.

It seems that football injury does not seem completely brain shake. Fortunately, QB’s brain shake is not a lot. Josh McCown has just appointed the first section of the game in the first week, after the first section of the game, was taken away by the brain, according to the alliance criteria, fortunately, the third week, the third week, the starting work was grabbed again. Robert Griffin III is not so lucky. RGIII, who was swayed by the brain, was put into the cold palace by the team, and the team also ranked him alternative to the retrieval of the injury. It is said that this is also very likely that RGIII is in the last year of the red skin.

However, before the 2017 election, Watson actually revealed the bear team and contact himself. At that time, he said in an interview: “I have contacted some team phones, Chicago Bear, Baltimore Crow with some different teams.” At that time, Chicago media also reported that the bear team was in the integrated investigation camp and university display. During the day and Tetson talked.

Another elite QB, Ben Roethlisberger, third section of the third week of injury. If you focus on injury instant video, this is indeed a horror of heavy hits: the defensive players give a rebar cheap Jerseys from China the left knees from the left “climb” in the left. The diagnosis is a MCL (inner sub-ligament), which does not require surgery. The people in the world have said that this rebelling end is not ACL (front cross-ligament) tearming simply as Blessing. The stunning Tyrod Taylor in this season has also suffered the same pain in the fifth week. It is also a retrieval of the knee, which is also MCL contusion. Different, the young people will continue to play at the time, and they have participated in training will be absent from the sixth week, and the seventh week may return. In fact, Taylor can return so quickly, because he is a bit slightly better than it. At the same time, the diagnosis of the diagnosis of the big game also caused the bone to bargain. For the sake of insurance, the steel man decided to make the big injury to raise it again (seemed because Mike Vick is also very good). The QB Marcus Mariota, which was fried during this season, and the sixth week also suffered the outer impact of the low knee, and the MCL contusions were in the same time. The young QB continues to finish the audience, but the scene of the final game should be updated on the day of injury. However, the team did not immediately decide M & amp; M, it was not in the field, and it may also show that the injury is not too serious (it is also possible to drag to the last moment to tell you).

Lion trading received 49 people line Wei Haro Beijing August 24, according to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the lions received 49 people outside Wei Yile Haro through the transaction, and their trading chips were 2020. Condition seven rounds. 49 people officially confirmed this transaction.

After adding the draft, Simonnes’s broker said that Cincinnati was signed him. The Houston media reported that Texas has signed with Howard. The remaining four players are still signed by any team as a free player.

The first debut of the Eagle offensive group can only be described in a word of a nightmare. They were blown up to 4 fouls & mdash; & mdash; offensive interference, behind, behind, behind, labeling people and more than 11 people debut, four-point Wei Karson-Wenz (Carson Wentz) had to face two files 31 yards Vigorously passed the ball, the ball was caught in Kunqu – Dunbar (Quinton Dunbar) in the red skin half of the 42 yards, Carson-Wenz’s pass is basically equal to the 54 yards long distances.

Harold is a three-round show in 2015, and the first 10 game last season, but the strong side defensive performance is poor. In the lion, Harold will join Dravon Kennard, Jalen Reeves-Maybin and Garad Davis (Jarrad Davis). Legion. As one of the worst teams of alliance, the lion hopes that Harold can provide some help.6 months ago