The seventh week, the best player of the United States, the United States, announcedJay Ajayi may not be reused by the team at the beginning of the season, but this Miami dolphin running guards is only a time problem.

Although there are also number of items that have not been officially announced to be included in the salary space, the patriot has agreed to give more than $ 16.2 billion security income. And they may eventually give more than $ 172 million in guarantee income this year. When Kraft bought a team in 1994, it took only so much money.

New York Giants before the tide swept away a few seasons, the coach of this – under McAdoo, led from the playoffs this season, only one step away. In the past two face Philadelphia in the game, Giants quarterback Eli – Manning came 559 yards, 6 touchdowns and 2 steals, passing score was 94.9. Took little outside the main Ao Daier – David Beckham is still played well this season, since entering the league in 2014, reached number 35 on the front row at the same time all the top wide receiver, he is also the only player in NFL history in career the first three seasons can be completed 80+ catches and the number of ball players 1000+ yards. The Qiang Wei Renton – Collins also attack the league’s best defensive player this season, this season he was the only one to get 3+ and 5+ steals sack player, and he 108 tackles ranking security guard in the National League in the first all, it is the heart and soul of the giants defensive group.

Philadelphia Eagles regular season highs, rookie quarterback Carson – led by Wentz once played a very nice record, but over the season, the shortcomings of both offense and defense are also gradually exposed. Offensive weakness, so that the eagle eating a lot of losses. Carson – Wentz has got 3385 yards this season passing yardage and 13 touchdowns in six career home games, the passing score of only 88.5. Veteran running back Darren – Sproles is the only one you can get 30+ passing touchdowns (30) in NFL history, + 20 running touchdowns (21), seven punt return touchdowns and 2 kickoff return touchdowns players.

Crow (1 win 5 negative) has just achieved the worst record of team history, which makes people guess that the crow may use the old will take this way to the team from the championship from the championship.

At the national association, the best offensive players belong to Davante Adams. The Green Bay packaging industry took over 13 shots to get 132 yards, 62 yards, helping the packwork to defeat Chicago bear on Thursday night.

2016 regular season has entered the final stage, and this week’s Thursday night game will be the last race of the season Thursday night. The two sides also against the rival New York Giants for many years and the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia’s guest will fully guarantee the Giants this week confirmed wild card playoff qualification.

Agaue has become the best offensive player in Mei Week’s second week. The second-year running guards got 214 yards and 1 time, helping the Dolphins 28-25 to defeat Buffalo. Agay became the fourth round of players in the history of the two consecutive weeks, and he was 204 yards in the sixth week. Before this, only O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams did this.

2 months ago 36, Smith, said this will be his last season. He is the only piece of external connections in the Caves this season, and the 510 yards of 510 yards will be taken from 36 times. This is more than 13 coupons ranked in the team, and the 245 yard pickup number.

Patriot Boss: Free players will be referred to in the stock marketIn the past 20 years, the new England Patriots have been cautious in the free player market, very big hands. But this year’s break is one of the biggest teams in the fisherman.

Last year, the patriots signed 15 free players, spent a total of $ 24.4 million ($ 7.8 million security income). The highest price signed at the time was a defensive cut, BEAU Allen, a contract worth 7 million. And this year, the Patriot has a total of more than 250 million US dollars in 15 players. Among them, nine players’ contracts have at least $ 7 million. There are a guaranteed income of 3 attached to $ 25 million, which has exceeded the total quotation of last year.

This year, the nfl jerseys salary has experienced the first fall in more than a decade. Most teams are stretched in the attractions, and they are brought to their hands and feet. The patriot will throw $ 69 million in the transfer of free players. With the decline in competitors this year, the patriot can sign a player who is often unable to introduce in a bid.

“This is like an investment stock market,” Clavite said. “You have to grasp the chance of callback and inefficiency in the market when you can, this is what we do. We will wait and see. I have a guarantee that I will understand this. But we are not to enter This line is only invested in the team. The purpose of our joining this line is to win the ball. “