The goal of the Red Rho Run, the goal of this season is originally a thousand code to catch the ball + thousands of shot, but according to the current play (42.5 yards, the ball is 16.5 yards), the Johnson season’s total promotion code can not be over thousands It is hard to say.

Wilkes said: “We have discussed this, to give the Johnson’s backfield, let him play the slot, complete the right to our desired. Just give him a certain space, David’s Attack efficiency can rise, we must also be targeted. “

Indeed, Bollinger has a long way to go, but at least not now have any contractual disagreements between him and the Vikings. Bollinger Monday became the first person in this year’s draft picks to sign. He signed a four-year, $ 2.49 million, including more than $ 1.5 million signing bonus with the Vikings. Why so soon sign? Because the Vikings to get a work visa in order to help Bollinger.

EA Sports Madden Series is the oldest and most popular rugby TV game. It began popular from the 1980s. It is also the first annual game that has been updated, as a classic business case, is learned by other similar types of projects.

Brace 45 28 successful passes, advancing 342 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 steals, once captured and killed. Section IV 14 passes, completed only three times. Graham played with the injury, there is no catch. Saints now 2 wins and 4 losses, lost all four games on the road, home to challenge fate Oasis Bay Packers.

EA Sports Publisher said that Rice will be removed the player’s list before this Friday, the player only needs to be updated online. The reason for removal Rice is the behavior of the abuse of the abuse of the bottom line, and has been removed by wholesale nfl jerseys.

As for Nowitzki reached the height of Bollinger have a lot of work to do. Dirk Nowitzki scored more than 29,000 career points, which ranks the top ten in NBA history, he also made an NBA championship. If the Vikings from a six show players get elite-level performance, they completed one of the best draft of history.

Section competition both in the exploratory stage, when the end of the first section, Stafford pass to find wide receiver Gordon – Tate (Golden Tate) when the Saints defensive steals, which is saints steals second time all season. II competition, Brisbane pretend handed the ball running back, fullback, but passed to Austin – Johnson (Austin Johnson) this is the first ball of his career, a touchdown of 13 yards. Saints 10-3 into the second half.

The tournament, Staffordshire 40 passes, completed 27 times, advancing 299 yards, 2 touchdowns, 2 steals, three captured and killed. Tate ball 10, completed 154 yards, creating career record. Lions are now 5-2, the next game will challenge the Atlanta Falcons in London.

EA will remove Rice from Madden15

The supplier EA sports of TV games recently said that they will remove the Ray Rice’s Ray Rice’s Ray Rice’s player’s player’s player’s players, this behavior supports from players Requirements.

The Minnesota Vikings six show from Germany was the first to enter the NFL draft directly from the Europa League by players, he hopes his career can be like the American sports world’s most famous athletes in Germany, played for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki (Dirk Nowitzki) the same.

The third, a Brisbane 46 yards long pass found Kenny – Christie Falls (Kenny Stills), touchdown, the Saints 17-3 lead lion. Lion fired back immediately, run in conjunction with advancing wear 80 yards, and finally a yard line Bell red ball touchdowns, 10-17 lion behind. The fourth quarter, once the Saints 48 yards shot, extended their lead to 20-10. There are eight minutes from the end of the game, and 13 yards lion advancing Saint red zone, Staffordshire pass tight end Jordan – Thompson (Jordan Thompson), the latter does not contact the ball stable, is copied cut. After the Saints again take advantage of the opportunity, advancing 31 yards, completed a one shot 36 yards, two touchdowns in 23-10 ahead score.

Yes, Jarius Wright only took a normal screen tactic, then ran 87 yards. We don’t know how to pick up a completely rushing team, but the jet is rushing. This ball running was running recorded since 1998, the first record is 96 yards, and the coincidence is that the party is also a jet.

Lions game, running back Reggie – Bush (Reggie Bush) and Qiao Yike – Bell (Joique Bell) are back from injury, but Megatron still can not play. Saints aspects, quarterback Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) record against the Lions is 4-0, and the team star tight end Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham) is played with the injury.

Lions fourth quarter behind 13 points reversed Saints

US time on October 19, NFL regular season seventh week, the Detroit Lions at home welcome the challenge of the New Orleans Saints. Although the Lions Megatron Kelvin – the case of Johnson (Calvin Johnson) absent, wonderful reversal of the saints. In there are 3 minutes and 38 seconds when the race 13 points behind quarterback Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) two touchdowns, led the team to a 24-23 win over the Saints.