“Give me money,” Jordan stressed, “no one can complete the same achievements as him in the first three years. He should get the highest salary. The first three years of catching the number of people in the first three years, the success rate of the ball will explain it. everything.”

Five this week, the Dolphins top wide receiver Mike – Wallace (Mike Wallace) said the poor offensive team in the red zone can not push the responsibility to offensive coordinator Bill in an interview – La Zuoer (Bill Lazor), he said. : “we are very difficult to get in the game a week before the end zone touchdowns, tactical coach (La Zuoer) is no problem, we need to perform better people always blame the coach here do not, there do. not much, but the coach does not let us touchdowns, he was not in the game field. we are the players responsible for touchdowns. like today, six red zone only two touchdowns this performance, perhaps into the playoffs no problem, but there can be a big breakthrough. “

Saints defended Director Jordan: External Thomas should take the highest salaryOn June 25th, Beijing, the defensive end of Kamelon – Jordan signed a new contract with Saints. Now, he hopes that his teammates can get a fat.

John Harbaugh – Hubble (John Harbaugh) said: “He is a very talented quarter-off, and his career has also achieved results in the alliance. We look forward to his arrival. I think this is the contell value Transaction. “

NFL NetWork Data Analyper pointed out that Thomas contributes the first attack in the case of small differences, but also has a very large ball (without ball influence, there is no impact on the defenders when there is no ball / pass. For example, a wrapped or dragged the opponent’s strongest defensive guards.

Dolphins star wide receiver: the red zone can not blame the poor offensive coachIn this week’s tournament on Thursday night, the Miami Dolphins home 22: 9 victory over division rivals Buffalo Bill, continue to fight for a playoff spot. But the dolphin’s face is not satisfactory in the face of Bill’s game in the first half only got 3 points, scored six times into the red zone only two touchdowns, offensive red zone efficiency is very low.

Jordan is not bad. Thomas broke the record of the number of balls in the top three years, completing 321 times, promoted 3787 yards, reached 23 times. Last year, his success rate was 85% (125/147), and the alliance was the highest. He also completed 75 first-rate conversion, and the third of the league.

In the third week, a 58-yard-shielded Bulinza was completed in the preseason, and Pat Murray and Connor Barth were successfully resigned. Bath Swee Day said on the tweet “If the price is suitable” he will join the team lacking the player.

After being traded from the Detroit Lion by Pirates, Bulinza performance is disappointing in the transient time of effective piracy. He was completed six times in 12 arbitrage shoots, and he completed 6 times in 8 additional shot.

Griffin is 28 years old this year, and last March was cut into a non-potentary place after Brown. His last time I will go back to the last week of the 2016 season. In the game lost to the steel person, Griffin passed the completion rate of 72.5%, promoted 232 yards, got 2 reached, once, this is also his best performance in his season.

Next, the attacked at the next waves, after completing a long pass, the mentality was more loose, but at this time, the bear old guscase Charles Tilman to go to Steve Johnson’s commemorative, but After multiple recording, this CD decision is invalid. The referee was officially formed into the protagonist, and the trivial penalty for continuous trivial punishment made the game to break, but 49 people have been promoted by stable roads. 3 points.

In the sports competition, if the referee can “invisibility”, the fans will be very happy; once the referee is too many mirrors, then the game will become very bad. The same is true today. This season’s Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China competition has increased the implementation of illegal implementation of the foul project and the offensive interference, so starting from the season in the season, the competition presents “yellow flag full of Tianfei” momentum.

More than 70,000 viewers are squeezed into the Levis Stadium, because the Levis brand is famous in jeans, so many fans in China refer to “Jeans Stadium”. The new court that was just put in July was also welcomed by his master & mdash; & mdash; San Francisco 49 people new season’s home show. This wonderful “People War” also opened a great new court.

Let’s talk about the story of 2012. At that season, the 49th coach in the college football is a fresh idea in Jim Hubble, he let the young quad-saving Karlin – Katnik in some The special number of files came, and he used his characteristics of the attack to combat the other party. This trick learned from the “Red District Quadruption” tactics used by many universities. The result is that the early season, the small card zero shredded 5 games, 13 sho of 111 yards 2 reached, but only 9 times, but there are also 89 yards 2 Dalun, the rivers and lakes Cape Nick The characters slowly started a reputation. The transfer from the 10 weeks of land 10 weeks, the main force of Alex-Smith was hurt in the second section, and Katnik suddenly became a team leader from the tactical chess, but he was obviously not prepared in the middle of the way. 49 The person is finally detained by the ram (you don’t have a mistake, it is a single game), borrowed the evaluation of a media at the time, Katnik was like a “child lost in the playground”.