American Revolution and the French Revolution.


  The Latin American wars of independence were a revolutionary wave that took place during the 18th and 19th centuries and resulted in the creation of several South American countries. The revolutions cited before caused a profound effect on the European empires and the colonies they had in America.

  The French Revolution inspired the Latin American countries in two different ways, the ideas spread of egalitarianism and the refusal to be governed by a monarchy and, on the other side, the Peninsular War that engaged France against Spain. Which resulted in the Napoleonic occupation of Spain. That affects the Spain Criollos in Spanish America to question their allegiance with the Spain Crown.

  The American Revolution was an example to the rest of the continent that a country could win its independence from the European empire that controlled them. The U.S. Constitution was also an example for many of the Latin American countries in the creation of their own Constitutions.

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