You have a graph with a y and a x axis. The x axis is horizontal, the y axis is vertical. first you find the x intercept, which is 4. So you go along the horizontal line until you come across the number 4. draw a point there. Now, you do the same with the y imtercept, accept now you will draw a point at three along the vertical line. draw a straight line connecting the two points. Now, in order to find the slope, you need to know this equation: RISE OVER RUN. What this means, is what it takes to get from one point to another. So, you go to your y intercept. from there, you count downwards, until you have reached the height of the point on the x axis. that is -3. So the rise is negative three, what’s the run? Well, now you need to count how many units it takes to get to the other point. you need to go backwards 4 units. so, your rise over run = -3/-4. Since slope = rise/run, Slope = -3/-4, or -(3/4)