Previously, the packaging workers have indicated that they will not use the privilege label for UN. Considering the salary of the team, they may be difficult to give better price. According to a number of media reports, Auckland raids and Jacksonville Americas are currently very interested in Kobo. The salary space of the two teams can also guarantee that they have the ability to make a big contract for more than 10,000 annual salary.

Bowei is effective to the chief to the 2014 season. He joined Cleveland Brown in 2015, but quickly his appearance will begin to decrease. He is just a seven game for Brown and is not considered one of the team’s first four.

Football thirty-six

Thirty-six plays such a description of the fire: the enemy is harmful, and the trend is perceived, just soft. It means that the enemy’s situation is difficult. I just take advantage of this favorable opportunity, and resolutely fight the enemy to achieve victory. Corresponding to the American football, it is a variety of “free play”. Although the standard turminals should be “white offensive opportunities”, lagora.News but some senior balls, fascinating FREE Play with Chinese English to “Free Play”, this “free” is also a god-standing ” God translation. Because Free Play is appearing, the offensive group is really a defensive group that is “free” free “free”.

Atlantian resurvets signed the former chief defensive end Edge Alan – Baile

Beijing July 23, the Yattlang Falcon was announced on Tuesday to sign the front Kansas city chief defensive end Edison Allen Bailey.

“Free Play” is the best, the four-point guards of Green Bay packaging workers, and his most common way is to use the password to deceive the opponent’s line, so that the fire is blowing. Deceive Offside is generally approached, with rodgers, he will take the drag of Green Nineteeeeeeeen’s kick, but if the other party still does not move, he may use the Blue 55 password again. Once, it is also possible to kick directly with Blue 55. If the fake, the other is that if you can’t lie to the offside, for an old four-point guard, it can also let the opponent’s direction of the raid and delay the sharpness of the raid. There is also a great advantage to sneak attack, of course, there are two major and disadvantages, the first is that “the teacher did not die first”, the other side did not deceive it, and he first had a fourth first. The second is many times, and the other party is not moving, and the time is exhausted and has to waste a pause. One of the front is to ask yourself, and then one is to ask for people. There is no way to ask for people, ask yourself to train yourself through your own repeated training, don’t burn your own, you can do “fire robbery.”

Packaging out outside the lack of discussion, the foreground is not optimistic

In this course, the primary task of Green Bay packaging is to retain external handlantol-Koba (Randall Cobb). However, with the days of opening the free market door, the team looks far away Cheap Jerseys From China this all-around attack player. According to the insider, UN broker has rejected a contract for 5 years, an average annual salary of 8 million and 9 million, based on the contract.

The details of the two parties were not announced, but according to informed people, the contract was 2 years, a value of US $ 10.5 million, including $ 3.5 million security income. He will reach 6 million in salary this year.

Beiler’s best in his career last season. He obtained 6 killing, 38 times, 2 times forced the ball and twice to grab the ball right. In the eight seasons for the Emirates, he has achieved a total of 19.5 times, 207 times, and forcing the ball and seven it to slap the ball.

The opportunity of “Free” appears in the defensive group’s live ball foul. When the yellow flag appears, the most common is the defensive crossing (ILLEGAL CONTACT), the illated contact, the Holding and 12 people will also appear “free”, and they are robbed by the offensive group. The reason why “Free” will appear, because the defensive group live is fouled, the referee will not immediately start the horse, will be completely completed, and then the captain or the coach selection of the offensive group. The result of the penalty is still the result of this file. So when the quad-guards see the yellow flag and confirmed that it is a defensive group livelihood, it is often chosen to choose the gambling, because the benefits of gambling-style is that the number of large numbers and even reaches, and the harm is mainly easy. Chat with opponents. If there is a “free”, if a copy occurs, the offensive group can choose to accept the judgment, such a result is the copy of the defensive group code. If there is a large number of propulsion and even reachable, the offensive group will refuse to make a penalty, directly accept the number of large numbers or reachable. It can be a Wanli.

Jason – Garrett: proud of the achievements cowboy era

Tuesday interview, the new Giants offensive coordinator Jason – Garrett (Jason Garrett) recalled his own time in the cowboy serving. In the first nine years of head coach career, he also served as the Cowboys offensive coordinator and assistant head coach.