Chiefs-22-Mccluster-White-JerseyRetired to a 23-year-old player is very sad. Wilson was selected by the New York Giants in 2012, and he showed a very high Tianzhi in the Rookie season, and the giants have given him a hopes. During the two seasons of career, Wilson pushed 504 yards for the team, got 5 reaches. In his fingertogeneity after he completes up to the battle, it is also a classic, but unfortunately, we can’t see his passion on the court.

cheap nfl jerseys Media Insider, Ian RapoPort, according to Titan, Titan team plans to start a new show in the Sunday to the Houston Texas Fragings, the first rookie quarter Swan Zak – Magar Mettenberger . Rock was repeatedly ranched by the thumb injury, but he recovered his training and launched this week.

Wilson suffered a problem of neck injuries last season, so he had to miss more than half a season. Wilson officially completed the training in last month, but an unexpected injury made his injury further. At present, Wilson has to leave the football field after a series of tests. According to Fox Sports Analysis, Wilson himself and the giant team are avoiding the use of “retire”, because if Wilson announces retirement, then he will not get his injury insurance belonging to him.

McDermot did not explicitly explain these reasons, but there is reason to question whether Baxley is really so good. Buckley has been flattening in his career. In the 2018 season, he has gone to Bill debut and won 1 victory, but he had 3 passes in the last season, he had three passes to be copied, and he did not get a pass to reach. During the new England patriot, Buckley passed the end of the competition, and he had two passes in the regular season of the New York jet.

Tove Kings last season is signed by the team last season, and the total ball is 4 times a total of 519 yards for 32 times. The 26-year-old extensive hand did not enter the list in the game of Patriots in the Kansas City, and he only played 2 games this season, and he got 53 yards in 6 times. This is a huge drop in Totumins that is starting at the first week of competition. The team’s four-point Wei Tom Braddy has expressed that Topkins is one of his most trusted balls.

Giant Run David – Wilson announced retirement

When New York Giants selected Run David Wilson at the 2012 dra show, how did they think of this young runner after leaving the data of 115 sports two seasons, because of the neck I have to choose the retirement.

The giant has released a statement for this, in which the giants clearly stated that the medical group has denied Wilson’s possibility of continuing play. Wilson himself also accepted this fact, he said: “I am very grateful to leave the stadium healthy and healthy, in my second half, I can do anything except for playing. Although this is not what I want. The result, but I can only accept this reality optimistic. “

The patriot’s ball is a huge question mark in the first four games in the season. The lack of offensive weapons that can complete offensive, extending offensive position has become a big reason for Braddy’s poor performance. Just a day ago, the head coach Belichick also took over another outside the team, and the Alon Dobson, which did not enter the list of Aaron Dobson.

“Competition is a good thing,” McDemimot said. “Competition in this position and competition in the entire lineup. I think Brandon Beane (team general manager) and his team provide competition very well. So we Will you have to develop it will have to develop. “

Robert reported that the Titan team didn’t know if the Locke’s thumb was healed, and they did not count on White Hurt as a long-term substitute solution. The Titan team also canceled the selection of Rock’s fifth year and let him enter the free player market after the end of the season. The team wants to test the potential of Magotanberg to determine if they choose the first round in Chicago’s draft. The Titan team believes that Magotanberg will lead the team to have a good play, even though there will be mistakes.

Bill coach: I have the Supreme Swan-Barkeley confidence

Buffalo Picks a four-point guardian Jake Fromm in this year, but if the first quartz, Josh Allen can’t play, then the first top Will be Matt Barkley.

The coach Ken-Wi Sen Hunte said last week Titan’s game after the game of Washington Red Leather, he said that he expectant to play this week and was first after he was injured. Nowadays, sudden changes, Tennessee’s Jim Wyatt first reported the news of Magoto Berg. This is an important decision for the team. Locke was taken down by the Titan team in the 8th in 2011, but as a professional player, his injury is too much, and the performance on the field is undulating, and occasionally a little flash. Huaijat reported that when the team was trained on Wednesday, Magotanberg participated in a team of training, while Locke did not appear at the media conference for the first time. The first two starting quarters Whitehurst said it is impossible to say this.

Zach – Magotung Brig, graduated from Louisiana University (LSU), the 6th round of 2014, the total number of 178 shines were taken down by the Titan team. He is the only four-dimensional bathroom that LSU exceeds 2500 yards for two consecutive years.