1) small, hard spheres with insignificant volumes

2)The atmospheric pressure below sea level is higher.

3) some of the absorbed energy is converted to potential energy, and some is converted to kinetic energy

4)More molecules have enough energy to overcome the attractive forces holding them in the liquid.

5)three dimensions only

6) lower


1. The particles of gas are small, hard spheres with insignificant volumes. they are not slow moving.

2. Due to more air weight  below sea level compare with at sea level, the atmospheric pressure is more below sea level, the pressure decreases with increase in altitude.

3. On heating gas molecules, they gain energy. This energy is being converted to potential energy and some of it to kinetic energy. It increases the speed of gas molecules.

4. The evaporation occur when a liquid gains sufficient energy to overcome the inter molecular attractions and escape from the surface of liquid.

5. The patterns repeat in all the three dimensions.

6. Due to stronger inter molecular interactions in ionic compounds, they have higher melting points than molecular solids.