Rocar Sign Former Sea EagleOn Wednesday, Arizona Red Tit announced the signing of the Shero Sherno, which was previously contracted by the same partner Seattle Hawks. From the opening of the training camp, the red rickets have been plagued by the weak depth of the angle. Mike Jenkins reimbursed due to the knee injury season, the special group of Justin Bethel also could not appear due to the injury of the foot.

Dorre served as a dolphin from outside the season and the head of the coach, which is also his first time in the first time of UCLA. Colorado has also interviewed the Giant Oversiced Guards and Advanced Defense Assistant Bret Bielema, which also expressed interest in Eric Bieniemy, Eric Bieniemy, Eric Bieniemy.

The previous week of career passed the number of brids, Braddy, who was previously facing this week, is facing a more relaxed challenge, the outer corner of the opposite side, Janoris Jenkins, and Diandre Baker released. The number of spheres is ranked more than three in the league. Braddi, which was sent to the end area for two weeks, is expected to retrieve the peak state this week. In the wounded giant defensive group, due to injuries, “stretched” will face multiple continuous strikes of the Patriot Estabard Commission.

Harris hopes that he can reach the highest annual salary of the income and the average annual salary when entering the free player market next year. But whether a team is willing to give a contract for a 30-year-old annual salary of more than $ 15 million.

In the announcement of Pitters, the Tykh’s twitter account issued a team to the Detroit, so we think he will come to the team and will be treated overnight. We are still unclear the severity of his condition.

Eagle announced with the rushing handlaham to continue for 4 yearsPhiladelphia eagle rushed to the last day before the start of the free market, the last day of the Brands, Brandon Graham. According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website reporters, the two parties have been consistent with a contract of $ 26 million, of which 14 million are guaranteed.

“I am ready to start. I am ready to return to the team and start building a tacit understanding with my teammates,” Harris said to reporters. “I am the fourth high of this year (salary), and after this season, I will enter the free player market and become the highest salary.”

In the first week of the team with the New England Patriots, New Show Brandon Williams became the weaknesses of the opponents. His bad play also causing the lobes of the rickets to a certain extent. Simon’s joily, it is necessary to say to the ramp. He has only five games in the past three seasons due to injuries and stability.

In the defensive system of Chip Kelly, Glaham showed very amazing efficiency. This externality guards in PFF (Profootballfocus) scoring system, the average rumor score of each 100 units leads all of the league all sides. Previously, some media considered Glaham as one of the best 10 free players in this break.

The wild horse has previously made Harris in their last year’s contract salary rose from $ 8.8 million to $ 12.05 million. This contract is only one year because both parties still have a huge difference in consultations, and Harris hopes to become the highest salary guard.

Dolphin Assistant Dorrere will be a coach of ColoradoKarl Dorrell took a five-year experience in NFL, which was used for jet and dolphins. US time Saturday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, Dorre will be a new coach of Colorado University.

Previously, Hairman Horn, Richard Sherman, once predicted that Simon will eventually become a more excellent player. This week, he can represent the red scitch is not clear, and the opponent of the rickets will be Tampawan Pirates led by Jameis Winston.

Last season, Glaham appeared 50% of the number of defensive files in front of the team, but his performance still touched the eagle and attracted the attention of multiple teams. On the other hand, the placement time is limited to a large extent, and he hinders the hope of the big contract. In April this year, Glaham is about 27 years old, this young, efficient punch is expected to get more performance opportunities in next session. The eagle looks forward to him to make the team’s defensive group to come to the next level.

Washington Red Leather Washing San-Norman has maintained a record of corner-guard contract security income. He includes $ 50 million in guarantee income in $ 75 million in 2016. The Miami Dolphin’s Zevien Howard exceeded Norman to the highest salary guards of today’s alliance with an average annual salary of US $ 15.05 million.

Wild horse player Chris Harris: I hope to become the highest salary harder guardBeijing May 30th, Chris Harris, re-talking the new contract, made him the highest salary guard in the wild horse. However, after this contract expires next year, Harris goals becomes the highest salary guard of the alliance.

[Pre-match] Sixth Thursday night: New England Patriot VS New York GiantsNew York Giants, New England Patriots, the two teams are in the biggest look. The Six-Leg Wang Tum-Braddy In the Championship, the Manning Family is only 1 win 5 losses, Eli Manning may rely on the two super bowls to win into the famous Hall. But this story tone is not between the two.