Atlantian big hunter released a new jersey design in advance

Update: The Falcon officially released a new jersey design in advance. The ball is color wholesale nfl jerseys to black, and the passenger is mainly white. The helmet design has also been changed, cheap nfl jerseys online and cheap nfl jerseys it is changed to bright black paint with silver mask.

Falcon who spends 17 years with red and black dress will usher in the jersey.

US time on Tuesday, Falcon official announced that the new jersey design will be announced in 4.14.

Falcon Board Arthur Blank said: “This is the first change design in 17 years, it is very important to me, because I didn’t realize that I have been so long. But I remember to buy the ball. When the team, I did a few years later, I changed the design. I hope that the new design can make the fans feel, experience & mdash; & mdash; it is best to wear & mdash; & mdash; more modern clothing, the best Let the fans feel some talents. “

At present, there is already a suspected design outflow on the tweet, the picture is as follows: