The biggest environment concerns in Oceania and Australasia are:

– freshwater depletion

The freshwater water reserves in this regions are very limited. The population is constantly growing, while the freshwater reserves either get polluted, or smaller because of droughts.

– lack of natural resources

This region can no say that it has a lot of natural resources. There’s no oil, natural gas, or significant amounts of metal ores.

– lack of arable land

The land is either covered by arid, semi-arid, or tropical jungle. The first two do not provide the right conditions for the formation of nice soil, plus they are very dry, while the tropical jungles’s soil is only usable for a couple of years, as it is not of high quality and weathers very quickly.

– pollution of the ocean waters

The ocean waters get more and more polluted. That affects the marine life badly, and the biodiversity is constantly on a decline. That is a very serious issue as all of the countries in this regions are heavily dependent on the oceans and its life as a food source.