Previously, Jones had expressed the dissatisfaction with the Subtail four-point guard, and Brandon Weeden was swept away. It is foreseeable that the cowboy will be in the end of this season, or in the free market, or through the draft, find a trusted substitute quarter-off with the minimum price. Of course, more importantly, Romo needs to do its best to keep health.

According to reports, after 36-20, after 36-20, after 36-20, after 36-20, in Fox Q13 Reporter, Bill Waxi, Bill Wixe, About Falcon, Swan, Swan, Swan ( Matt Ryan) When it was pressed, the NG broke the other party. According to USA Today, the issue of the reporter seems to be in implicitting the routine pressure of the Hawks.

Cowboy announces the reimbursement of Romo chaletDallas Cowboy 4 points Tony Romo was in advance in advance with the Carolina Black Panther. According to the reporter of NFL official website, Romo hub fracture will end the 2015 season in advance. Cowboy adds four points to Kellen Moore to enter 53 people’s list, Matt Cassel, becomes award.

Before the start of this season, the goal of cowboy is to impact the super bowl. However, with the injury, the team suffered from the victim, the team’s hopes was very embarrassed. However, it is optimistic that the team is still complete in a critical position. Bryant will be healthier, new Show Human La Rus (La & Rsquo; El Collins) is still in progress, Jerry Jones has more time to think about the contract of players.

According to the report of NFL Media Ian Rapoport, if you can return, the Viking team believes this 29-year-old running guard will be warmly welcomed by the fans of Minnesota. But unless the appeal is successful, they only wait until 15 years of training camps. The salary of 6 games in the Peterson this season is $ 42 million.

The fifth year contract option for the 2014 first round show before the packaging worker, pays him a salary of 5.957 million US dollars. To know, the previous three first rounds of Drek-Sherord, Nick Perry and Datone Jones did not get this treatment.

Packaging Safe Safety, Swan, Dixi, can be separated from the team next yearIn the last year of Beijing October 11, most players will express future uncertainty, but confirm that they will not leave the team is another matter.

“Since its in 1968, we have gained many support whenever the Nippert Stadium, the Riverfront Stadium, and the PAUL Brown Stadium.” Owners Mike Mike Brown wrote in an open letter of a fan, “For these years, our fans have never changed. Thank you for your support, all of my representatives will thank you. I hope to celebrate this season with you. Victory. “

One thousand readers will have thousands of Hamlet. There are many ways to interpret this news, as long as the author is willing, but some facts behind are always important. The battle in the playoffs is very difficult to play the players. Sometimes the players who have not significantly handled this level will be considered unreasonable. In most cases, the reporter only went there to collect information, providing the readers to talk. We also seek better ways to ease when a season is working hard to become a tension after bubble.

“Don’t play the text game with me! I am going to put into the (curse) field wholeheartedly! Don’t find me happy. (Cursing) disappear from my eyes! You do read this blog article from Andyschwab, the consequences are at your own risk. I am not that kind of person. But don’t tell me I didn’t do what I should do, (curse). “

Clinton Dix said: “Now, I will be played in the last game. I don’t think I can stay here next year. This is my opinion, I need to be honest with myself. But the game is a game The field is playing down, even if it has been behind, it is necessary to complete the task on the field. I have to do my best. “

Peterson was accused of his 4-year-old son “Abuse of Discipline Standards”, he has 3 days to appeal, and he will definitely do it. This professional bowl player did not cover his wish to return to the stadium as soon as possible.

Cincinnati Tiger announced the fiftieth seasonThe 2017 season is the fiftieth season of Cincinnati Mason’s fighting NFL, for the table commemorate, they will add new team markers on the main customer service.

This is the second time with reporters in the past few weeks. Just before Christmas, Corner Richard-Shelman’s Jim Moore in 710 ESPN was returned to the reporter, he will no longer let this reporter get the Hawk Pass.

Roger, Roger Goodell further expounded his decision in his letter to Peterson: “The time you return depends on the results of the consultation and disposal process we set. Moreover through these two processes The length is depends on your actions. We have set these processes in order to help you have successful reassessment, but there is no truly involvement. You must guarantee your own sincerity to participate in consultation and rehabilitation, guarantee proper Taking care of your child and no longer make a violation of the laws and alliances. “