Bronds scored 14 times in the super bowl, pushed 90 yards, got 1 Deta, helping the eagle 41-33 to win, and got the third super bowl ring in his career. This year, the eagle took Brunt, and he subsequently signed a year contract with the Detroit Neum.

Tigers sell Dalton is not surprising. Currently bigger question is whether the team is willing to pay to get the picks Dalton and assume his contract rather than risk him to enter the free agent market. Tigers may agree to bear part of the salary Dalton in exchange for a better draft pick.

The two teams also have two famous fame and the captain of the captain of the offensive group captain. The United States will lead the Jerome Bettis and Ray Lewis, and Tony Gonzalez and the corner Tagles-Woodson (Charles) Woodson will serve as the leader of the country.

After the game, the coach of Rick Carlisle was an interview: “Romo is fully involved in us, I feel like I came to Dallas’ cowboy, he would discuss the process of discussing the game, The player’s data is like he did in the edge of the cowboy, except for his coach headphones. “

“It is very clear that the Tigers for Andy – Dalton evaluation is very high; the next field, the court, in the locker room, his handling of last season and for all the things I understand that according to the team plan. sources, they will be at the right time with Andy – Dalton cooperation to facilitate transactions, “Rapoport said. “Everyone thought they would pick Joe – Broken (Joe Burrow) or at least will pick a quarterback, Dalton has been informed of the plan two weeks ago, this is Duke – Tobin (Duke Tobin ) (Tigers player personnel director) told me on the podcast program. they value Dalton, they wanted to work with him, they will not do anything next will lead him in a bad situation or he does not agree. “

Bronds said in the show: “I don’t like the way things end. I express my desire to leave your team. I will continue to cooperate with teammates, I will not be able to complete the contract. I think Not respected at all. “

At the scene, he had repeatedly helped the referee, and the reporter of ESPN was written in the scene: “It seems that Mavericks have a more assistant coach.” Obviously Romo’s screaming is a lot of pressure on the referee.

Cossins or the most expensive players next yearBeijing June 27th, the four-point guardian Derek Carr, the Auckland raid, defines a new big contract standard for the future four-point guards of the market. The next profit-free quadruple is likely to be the four-point Wei Kirk Cousins of Washington.

This year’s professional bowl will be held for the first time in Orlando. This year’s professional bowl will return to the form of traditional Union. The Leide Coach and the Galt Coach will coach the United States and the National Association.

If you want to kill 53 people’s list from the fall of the show, Ward has a long way to go, and he is willing to work hard. Three victories in the first record of his 27-6 are weaker, you can look forward to his NFL foreground.

Dalton is currently one year left on his contract, but the salary is no longer guaranteed. If the Tigers decided to give him, whether it is trade or cut, they were able to save $ 17.7 million salary space.

Tigers willing to work with quarterback Andy – Dalton its cooperation dealIn the Cincinnati Bengals are widely believed to have first pick after pick the next starting quarterback Andy in this year’s draft – Dalton (Andy Dalton) future seems to have been doomed.

Former Houston University quartzwatch efforts to transition Beijing July 8th, Trelle Pryor, which was taken out of the quarter-saving transition, is a good performance. Former Houston University quartz Greg Ward Jr. also wants to do it.

Tobin said last month it would try to help Dalton added under ideal home in Rapoport’s podcast. “I can tell you that we will not forget – Andy Dalton contribution to the Cincinnati Bengals did, we would not be far-fetched, let him face, one, he was not satisfied, and second, we are not satisfied , “Tobin said at the time.

According to cheap nfl Jerseys from china television network correspondent Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that according to people familiar with the news, ahead of the start of the new league, the Tigers will Dalton cooperation and at the right time to facilitate transactions.

The Worthy Discount JerseysIn the case of a number of veteran quarterback may enter the free agent market, the Tigers can wait until the new league started after the decision, because we may have not signed the team’s favorite target. But given the Tigers hope to contribute a sum of Dalton himself the most favorable deal, they should not keep him long.