Rockets and Fitzgerad for one year

Beijing January 24th, Larry Fitzgerald, NFL, did not end. Arizona Titar US Time announced on Wednesday for about one year, which will be the 16th NFL season of Fitzgelad.

Mali Horta: I’m not surprised the Eagles will vote for me

Recently Philadelphia Eagles offensive group of players frequent changes of configuration, so we believe that coach Chip – Kelly (Chip Kelly) may choose not to his former student Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) a.

If Fitzgerald chose to retire, find an external takeover will become the urgent urgency. Although the depth of the team lineup is still a problem, the combination of Christian Kirk will be the cornerstone in the offensive system of New Shuai, the combination of Christian Kirk.

As the first AFLC’s crown, Chongqing Pier, the battlefield challenges the Shanghai Warriors’ game has become the battle of this week. More than 1 year ago, Chongqing Pier workers rely on the first AFLC league’s championship from the Warriors in the case of not being optimistic. In the League regular season last year, the Shanghai Warriors Zero the passenger is greatly victorized. In addition, the first round of the Shanghai Warriors took advantage of Yi to wait, Chongqing Pier workers were in the first round of the home, and the state was worried. It was a bigger look for the third confrontation of the two teams.

External hand Fitzgerad: The rhythmic rhythm of the red scitch new offensive system is faster

Beijing July 15th, outside the Arizona Red Spits offensive group, how to express many speculations in Kliff Kingsbury, and the complete answer of this problem until September new season It will not be announced.

Kelly is currently the quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles), 2015 in the fourth-round pick and a second-round pick in 2016 to the transaction St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam – Bradford Germany (Sam Bradford) and a fifth-round draft pick in 2015. This transaction allows us believe that Kelly no chance to get a higher draft pick to select Mali Horta, Horta is considered as Mali will be selected in the top ten.

“Spring Snow” offensive group probably happened quantitative change, but the real counter-attack to lead the pony is qualitative change “low class” defensive group. Lose points from the first 29 league last season rose to 17, lost yardage increased from 29 to 15, the road lost yardage increased from 29 to 18, coach Mora and completed a self-defensive coordinator Fangio salvation.

Mali Horta said this: “Everything will have the results, I do not know what Kelly wanted to coach, he never said to me something about the draft and trading, he was just my mentor when I needed him and chat when he will he be by my side, that is. “

In addition to Sobot and Lagche, the popular position of Patriots also has a old Jermin Watson and Lance Kendricks, two-year player Lan Iz (Ryan Izzo) ) And before Stephen Anderson, Stephen Anderson. Watson is banned from participating in the season’s 4 games due to violation of alliance drug abuse regulations.

Kingsbury’s tactical style in the university era shows that he likes a fast-paced attack, and this looks also is one of his characteristics of his NFL tactics. External hand-drawn-Fitzgerald, said that the rhythm of the Music Syberi is a matter of this year’s officers to adapt, and it is also necessary to do full effort to operate.

In fact, there is still a parameter on the Manning’s data column that is not listed, that is, the interception. Simply, this party passed by the other defenders before they did not fall, and immediately convert the ball immediately. At the other side of the interference, it is said that it has lost a profit machine, which is called in this half means that the other party has received an excellent offensive starting position, more, it is possible to copy back to an attack. New Xiuji Manning has sent 28 copies of the total alliance, 28 cases of copying, like 28 steel needles, a four-point heart, Majorcabritish.Com will destroy a person’s self-confidence to land, if not Manning & mdash; & mdash; Former career four-dimensional child, perhaps other people have already collapsed.

“Different from the previous differences are the new tactics he joined. The difference is the way to run off-attack groups, the rhythm of attack,” Fitzgerad said. “Every day, as we have more experience, our offensive group runs faster and faster and faster, we can do more attack more effectively. If you understand the tactical thoughts, we can Applying more pressure to the defensive group. Tactical language is simpler, but you have to understand faster. In this system, you don’t have a lot of time after getting the right. You have to understand and have a very fast speed. Play out. “

The 1999 season, rookie running back Ai Jilin – 369 times this season, James rushed the ball advancing 1553 yards 13 touchdowns, plus 62 times the ball forward 582 yards 4 touchdowns. Good partner Marvin – Harrison is 115 times the ball forward 1663 yards 12 touchdowns. Inadvertently, pony sitting on a younger version of the “new Troika.”