10th June 2013
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Terms and Conditions

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      I.        Introduction

a.      By using the services offered by TopGradePapers.com through the website, you completely acknowledge that you had read and agreed to the terms & conditions in complete. The following terms and condition are the representation of your agreement with us in accordance to use our services.

b.      TopGradePapers.com is a UK based company with many global and local projects. Providing services on-line and offline. 

    II.        Interpretation

a.      Client

                                                              i.      In this agreement you, they, your, them, their represents the client/customer who will be utilizing the services using the website.

b.      Company

                                                              i.      In this agreement our, us, we, company, TGP, TopGradePapers, team, experts, Business Rep represents the company TopGradePapers.com

c.       Services

                                                              i.      In this agreement where; service, task, work, job or order is mentioned it is to represent the work requirements of the output asked by the customer to the company.

   III.        Agency Role & Services

a.      TGP declares as a middle agency to facilitate the clients seeking different custom writing and modeling services. We facilitate you to get the best expert or resource for your work to complete it on time with the provided quality requirements.

b.      Customer will be taking our services in finding the best available resource and or expert to complete the required work with-in the provided time span.

c.       Customer agrees that TGP experts may or may not be hired full-time. They may be working using the state-of-the art software or available on-site utilizing the TGP resources to work on the task/work.

d.      Customer agrees that revisions will only be made if the customer informs about them with-in the 6 days of task delivery.

e.      Revisions can be made unlimited as far as the required quality is not met as provided with the initial stage of placing the order. Revisions are unlimited but only subject to if the provided requirements are not properly met.

f.        Amendments will be charged if they are to ask with extra words, pages or no of working hours or requirements which were not mentioned at the first time of order placement. 15% of the total work limit additional might or might not be charged over than that will cost to the client.

g.      Customer cannot make the direct contact with the expert, writer in any-case. TGP will act as a communication channel between the expert writer and the customer.

  IV.        Time Appointment

a.      Agreement is only valid once the TGP accepts the work requirement and the quoted price has been accepted and paid by the customer.

b.      Agreement will remain continue till the revision or amendment period is not expired. Or if any of the parties i.e. TGP and customer didn’t void or cancel the agreement.

   V.        Customer Co-op

a.      This clause provides the clear conditions in which the work will be accepted by the customer.

b.      Customer will provide the clear instructions, requirements and briefings about the work and it will be customer’s responsibility to ensure that the provided are accurate while placing the order.

c.       TGP will get the complete cooperation from the customer for the competition of placed order. Customer agrees that he/she will provide the information or any other material required by the expert writer for that work. Customer agrees that it will be the sole responsibility of him/her to provide the related material if required by the expert to complete the work as per the requirements. Such as class notes, lecture notes, relevant book, related readings provided by the institute or teacher/instructor of the customer. Customer agrees that if he/she is unable to provide the requested then the work may or may not fulfill completely the requested requirements and will only be completed based on the available data/material to the expert online or off-line.

d.      If the customer was unable to provide the requested material or do any delay in that then TGP will not be responsible for any damage or consequences occurred to the result of the customer’s work. The on-time delivery guarantee will also not be implemented in this case.

  VI.        Service Delivery

a.      On Time Delivery Guarantee

                                                              i.      TGP gives the guarantee of “on-time work delivery and completion”. This means that TGP the work will be completely delivered to the expert as a first draft which may or may not requires revisions or amendments before or on the deadline provided by the customer.

                                                           ii.      If customer is unable to pay the out-standing balance or the payment fails the delivery of the work on time is not guaranteed.

b.      Chapter by chapter

                                                              i.      TGP offers the chapter by chapter deliver of work only if it is more than 10,000 words and is a complete work not re-editing or proof-reading.

                                                           ii.      Chapter by Chapter delivery might not provide the best draft as the completed draft will be compiled at the end with all references.

 VII.        Plagiarism

a.      TGP guarantees that the work will be 100% plagiarism free. There will be no intentional plagiarism in the work and that it will be scanned before sending it to the customer until or unless the deadline is quite short; words per day ratio and that the availability of the plagiarism software is active and functioning properly.

b.      Customer agrees that he or she might not receive the plagiarism report by with the work. It can be provided if available on the special request from customer.

c.       Customer also agrees that the work has been properly checked by the quality dept. of TGP which ensures that all requirements are properly met and that there is no plagiarism as per the software. And that customer will do the second quality check before submission.

d.      Plagiarism will be checked using the industry leading plagiarism detecting software’s and if a false or mis-represented result has been produced by them TGP will not be responsible for the plagiarism as the ratio of plagiarism is completely dependent on the software’s. Our experts re-edit the draft for 0% plagiarism based on the reports generated by these softwares.

VIII.        Data Safety

a.      Customer agrees that the data (personal or any other) will be stored at the TGP servers and computers and will not be shared with any third-party or disclose publically.

b.      Customer agrees that the data provided will only be shared to avoid any unlawful event or activity if requested by any legal department. And to trace and find the fraudulent transactions.

  IX.        Amendments & Revisions

a.      In Process

                                                              i.      Customer agrees that the work in process is the work that has been received by the agency and payment of the work has been made by the customer. That work/task is known as In-Process.

                                                           ii.      Customer agrees that the in-process work’s order once placed by paying by customer the specifications and requirements of that task/work cannot be altered or changed. In order to do so the appropriate cost will might be requested.

                                                         iii.      In order the customer had paid for the order and that the customer want to withdraw the in-process work it can only be possible with-in 12 hours of order placement and that the work order has a 7 days or more of deadline.

                                                          iv.      There will be no-refund for the customer who withdraws the in-process work not compelling the above mentioned conditions. Customer can re-use the paid amount for another task, but only after the deductions of the previous withdrawn in-process work’s working hours. The decision will be final by the TGP in this regard whether to refund or not.

                                                            v.      If the payment is re-assigned for another work then customer might have to pay if the replace work requirements don’t fit in the same budget up to the level to sum up the total cost of price.

b.      After Delivery

                                                              i.      Amendments will only be made if the customer provides logical reasoning and prove that the work requirements have not met as provided in the order.

                                                           ii.      Amendments will be made free of charge only with-in the 6 days after delivery or up-to the extended period of amendments purchased along with the order by the customer.

                                                         iii.      For amendments the customer can provide the complete details which might take 24 hours or more. Customer will be informed about the time duration if more than 24 hours. 24 hours will be between the acknowledgments of receiving the amendment till onwards.

                                                          iv.      Customer agrees that if the amendments are out of the scope of the original specifications provided and or out of the time of completion then customer might receive a new quote to make the amendments commence after payment for it.

   X.        Fee & Charges

a.      The final price per work has been estimated and published on the TGP website. The actual price might not be the same as published on the website. Price quote depends on the work nature, time to deadline, domain and category.

b.      Fee to work must be paid before the commencement of the work order placed by the customer. If there is partial payment then it must be paid before the delivery of the task. If the customer fails to pay the outstanding balance TGP has a right to not deliver the order until payment is made. After a specific time period (that will be informed to the customer) the work will lose the ownership of the customer and no refund will be made to the customer.

  XI.        Refunds

a.      In case of a refund partially or full TGP will deduct the transaction charges. The decision of refund will be made with the team of experts in that area who will decide. The decision will be final.

b.      Customer can use the refund for the future work compiling to the same budget requirements.

C.   All refunds will be entertained within 15 days of delivery of services. No Refund will be process after 15 days.

 XII.        Discounts

a.      Discounts offered by TGP might not be consistent. They are all for limited time. TGP has a right to terminate any discount offering at any point of time.

b.      Referral Discounts are only valid if the referral customer provides the name of the referee at the time of placing order and that customer successfully made the payment.

XIII.        Payment

a.      Terms of  Payment

                                                              i.      Work will be only placed  in-process if its payment has been paid.

                                                           ii.      If the client has to pay the payment partially then two partial payments can be accepted

1.       Payment will be paid in installment it can be paid in two installments with first payment paid before the commencement of the work and should be more than or equal to 50%

2.      The second installment will be before the delivery of the task. Any delay in payment can cause the delay in the delivery of work.

b.      Quotation before Payment

                                                              i.      Customers will get the quotation of the work specifications they will place through the online form or through any of the communication channels with TGP mentioned.

                                                           ii.      Quoted price will include the discounts if applicable.

XIV.        Copyrights

a.      Customer agrees and acknowledges that the properly paid and delivered work will have no ownership of the expert writer and TGP. The delivered work will be under the ownership of customer.

b.      Customer acknowledges that TGP (agency) , experts, employees or project teams do not support plagiarism or involve any activity that leads them as plagiarists.

c.       Customer agrees that the work submitted is for model purpose only and that it will be not be handed over to anyone as customer’s or someone on behalf of customer or related. It will not be taken as the customer ownership of submittal and will be used for further research or as a model to develop a good work piece.

d.      Customer acknowledges that the work produced is not for re-sale or distributed on any website, hard copy material.

XV.        Expert Allocation

a.      Customer agrees that the expert writer assigned and allocate on the task provided will be the most relevant to produce the work output as per the specifications

b.      TGP guarantees that all experts have been tested and trained properly before giving them the customer’s work.

XVI.        Guarantees

a.      TGP provide various guarantees all subject to provide the promise of commitment and quality services. How-ever guarantees may change or may not be implacable in different scenarios. The final decision for the guarantee will be made by TGP.

XVII.        Free Trial

a.      Customer can have a free trial of 500 or lesser words from the expert to know the quality of writing and capacity of the writer before paying. In this case the customer will be providing the complete specifications and requirements of the task. There will be no specific or fixed deadline to the free trial.

b.      Free Trial can only be provided to the customer with the work worth more than 10,000 words.

XVIII.        General T&C

a.      TGP (agency) is available 24×7 it means that the customers can email, place order any time they want. But the response might have a delay due to time zone difference or if any public holiday. How-ever TGP will be available to response.

b.      If there will be unavailability of the experts on those days on which the customer is having the deadline, then customer will be informed prior to that.

c.       Customer support is available whole year 24×7, 365 days. Customers can place their queries and they will be responded.

d.      There might be a delay in response from the online chat, skype chat or Phone (available to paid clients only) due to the popular services of TopGradePapers.com

e.      Customer acknowledges and agrees that the statements, opinions and views by topgradepapers.com or their experts are not the final advice. The material and content expressed or communicated should also not taken as the advice.

f.        Customer acknowledges that he/she understood the rules, regulations and policies of the individual or institute enrolled with before placing the order. Any consequence occurred in result of taking services from TopGradePapers.com will not held accountable to the company employees, team or expert writers.

g.      Customer understands that the re-selling of the work provided by the TGP or distribution any-where will not be allowed and can result in voiding the agreement and copyrights.

XIX.        Email Campaigns & promotions

a.      You agree that you might be contacted once to your personal or official email address retrieved from different legal sources in order to communicate you about the services whether or not your provide your email directly to the TGP team or subscribe online through website.

b.      You agree that by subscribing or by utilizing our services we can use your email to communicate you with our weekly or monthly newsletter or to have direct communication about your task or task related matters.

c.       You acknowledge that your email will not be used or shared by any third-party associated with TGP and that we will not disclose or share your email to anyone else.

XX.        Website Usage

a.      You agree that website is developed to properly provide the services and their information. To provide them in the most simple and efficient manner TGP had developed the website much simpler. This ensures that the user and visitor gets the relevant information easily. You agree that any error, obsolete data or content if leads to any consequence or damages to customer in terms of financial or non-monetary loss, TGP, its employees or team of experts will not be held responsible.

XXI.        Communication

a.      Live Chat

                                                              i.      You acknowledge that an online chat facility is available on the website to provide instant communication and query help to customers. Our chat agent may or may not be available at times and that, no quotation will be defined as official until not receiving a proper email.

b.      Skype chat

                                                              i.      Skype Chat is available for customers whom communication needs are more than simple live chat. Our agents can be available only if pre-request have been received.

c.       Form submission

                                                              i.      Online form submission is available to provide the quotation and inquiry facility by providing the requested and required information. The response will be made through email. If the form has not be submitted due to some error at the customer browser end customer agrees that he/she will be responsible for no response or delay response of the request.

d.      Direct Emails

                                                              i.      There are two direct emails associated with the TGP for customers and clients. TGP can use more than two emails to communicate with the customers in certain cases.

                                                           ii.      Customer agrees that he/she scans the emails before downloading any file or clicking on any link in the email to secure the communication for digital mis-functionality due to viruses or hoax.

e.      Social Chats

                                                              i.      Social chats such as Facebook, Twitter are subject to have a communication for marketing and awareness purposes and shouldn’t be considered as official communication among customers and TGP. Email should be considered the official TGP communication channel.

Disclaimer: We provide custom writing/rewriting services and homework help services for assistance purposes only. Using these model answers for submission purposes will be on client’s discretionary.