1. The two equation of line are

a. y = 4 x -2

b . -x + 4 y=0→ x=4 y→y =frac{1}{4}

Slope intercept form of line is , y= m x + c

Slope of line a =4

Slope of line b = frac{1}{4}

Neither the product of slopes of two lines is -1, nor their slopes are equal.So, these two lines are neither parallel , nor perpendicular to each other.

Correct option is neither.

2. Two lines with positive slopes are parallel→Incorrect Statement

Two lines with same slope either positive or negative  are parallel.

Correct Option (Sometimes)

3. Two lines with the same slope and different y-intercepts are perpendicular.→→Incorrect Statement(never)

For lines to be perpendicular , the product of their slopes should be -1.

Lines having same slope are always parallel to each other, there is no effect of y intercept.