The Dragon Orb (9 colour choices) is designed to shade code spell faculties, but they are also elective. I suppose you may even use them to establish spell books.

The Ritual Icon and Concentration Icons are selectable and non-compulsory.

The spell traits are all drop down menu selections catered to d&D 5e spells 5E.

A flavor textual content is supplied, but house is limited to allow for extra spell description area. I use the taste textual content as a reference textual content.

But now back to the query, which one is the perfect? To start with: Something is relative, many issues comes from the social gathering construct (like if there are enough melees to ensure a again-row), the DM type (how often he attacks the wizard and especially before (s)he solid a spell; clever humanoids might suppose that he’s a merchant, politician or different stuff which wouldn’t put on armor, as lengthy he doesn’t look the part) or the quantity of dungeon dwelling within the campaign. So I narrowed it down to how I handle video games as a DM and for a extra typical alternative and the basic query, which makes the most effective wizard, not the best optimized character, which happens to be a wizard. And of course my private preferences.

And all these dice rolls which can be required on either your half or the enemies make this even rougher. And while your survivability may be good, it really doesn’t matter when you’ve burnt your assets up and your group is now basically down an individual later in one other struggle as a result of you’ve no spell slots or meaningful level spell available.