Steel people run Helona: Brown and Bell’s departure make everyone closer

Beijing July 3, the Pittsburgh Steelman will not take over Antonio Brown in the 2019 season, Antonio Brown and Run Zeiion-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell). They hope that the departure of the two can actually be good for the team.

“I think there is only time to prove that” the steel man runs James Conner “Monday. “I think maybe we have become more tight because you have experienced everything. In the course period, it is very interesting. It’s very exciting, and cheap nfl jerseys from china the teammate is very excited. Interactive and relationship. It is great to be great. Our team is very excited. “We are very excited for the future.”

In the future, it will include the outside world that is constantly compared to Brown and Bell’s steel people will express how and not in Brown and Bell in the steel man. Steelman players don’t care now.

“We have been very respectful for them,” Cona said. “They are our front teammates. They are very good people, and they are also a great player. Worried that they will do their best in our team. We hope that they can have a good performance and wish them all well, But this doesn’t help us. Everything has passed. “

After the previous two seventh seventh season, the steel man now has the opportunity to unite together, cheap jerseys and find some things that motivate them in the noise of the outside world and beyond expected.