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Because the identify suggests, the psychic scream offers with all of the psychic injury and potential stun. Its range is 90 ft whereas it deals with solely 10 creatures of your alternative. Many of the creatures have much less formidable intelligence saves that makes them weak and fail to save lots of themselves towards these powerful effects.

You instantly switch yourself out of your present location to every other spot within range. You all the time arrive at exactly the spot desired-whether or not by simply visualizing the world or by stating path. After utilizing this spell, you cannot take any other actions till your next turn. You can bring alongside objects as long as their weight does not exceed your maximum load. You may also deliver one additional keen Medium or smaller creature (carrying gear or objects as much as its most load) or its equivalent per three caster levels. A big creature counts as two Medium creatures, a huge creature counts as two Large creatures, and so forth. All creatures to be transported have to be involved with each other, and at the least a kind of creatures have to be in touch with you.

You may intention them at enemies or surfaces, and the meteors explode upon affect for a generous and painful 2d6 of fire injury inside a five-foot radius. Obviously, this could backfire if used at close vary or in melee combat, but it is deadly in the palms of an experienced Sorcerer with good intention.