The former nfl jerseys‘s heaviest quarter-point guard Jude Rolongyen is only 38 years old.

Beijing July 5th, Jared Lorenzen, the NFL career is short, but unfortunately, this is also the epitome of his life.

After confirming by the family, Lorenden died in Wednesday, only 38 years old. He had a great effort that the New York Giants and the front teammate four-point Gu Manning expressed condolences.

Lorena admitted to the hospital on June 28 and was sent to the intensive care room, and he encountered infection and there was a problem in kidney and heart.

The Lorent High School era is one of the best players in the country. After he joined the University of Kentucky and set the number of school history records for the password and the number of passes. He joined the New York Giants in 2004 and got a short appearance time in 2006 and 2007. The weight is listed as 285 pounds he became the cheap nfl jerseys from china heavier quarter-saving and got the nickname of “left-handed big piece”.

Although it is only a substitute quarter-off, Lorenzen has made an important contribution to the Giants’ superblocks in the 2007 season. In the training of the whole season, Loren has been playing harassing Manning in a fixed training and forcing him to escape. In the super bowl, Manning is once caught by the new England patriots defensive player and struggling to escape the ball out, and the David Tyree completed the helmet to complete the giant final reversed Set the foundation.

In 2008, Lorenzen was cut off, and then he joined Indiana Polis horses, but was cut off in the final layoff. After that, he mixed in multiple indoor football alliances until the leg fracture in a game in 2014 caused him to end your career.

After retiring, Loren’s weight has soared to more than 500 pounds, and he will then start the weight loss plan and we lose more than 100 pounds in 2018.7 years ago