Woodson or absence of shoulder injuryAuckland raids may lose their first-blown security portfolios in the second week. According to wholesale nfl Jerseys official website reporters, the old will be dislocated in the first week of the first week of the shoulders in the first week of Cincinnati.

Murray said: “I will clear the Kliff Kingsbury coach. When I graduated from high school, he was taking me, I have a good relationship. I can have a chance to play for him, but I am not responsible for choosing The player, I can only show my ability. If he is responsible for coaching attack, it is very good & hellip; & hellip; you can definitely work with him. “

This is not because Murray performance is much better, he does not participate in any items other than data measurements, just contact with the team. At the interview on Friday, Murray said that he had already interviewed the red bird.

When Manzell lies in the court to accept team medical treatment, some fans at home have sent a warm cheer. In this regard, Newton said: “I can say that I feel very sad about this kind of celebration, I think this is meaningless, any player does not want to be injured, because it can ruin a player’s life.”

It can be said that the injury in Sanders last season completely destroyed the pall attack of the wild horses, and the wild horse ended the season after his lack. Unless the injury of Sanders is difficult to heal and will ablate Most of the 2019 season, it will damage that he will harm the wild horses in the offensive tactics. After the introduction of the old will give him the best offensive player after VLC, it will be a stupid decision.

Wild horses take over Emannur – Sanders unwilling to rebuild the contractBeijing February 20th, Emmanuel Sanders, did not make people spend a lot of time to guess whether he will rebuild the contract.

Although the red rumming has been selected in last year, Josh Rosen, the main coach and the general manager have also repeatedly billed Rosen as the first quarter-saving team. However, the reporters still associated with Kyler Murray with the red ramp through the details of the speculation.

When the tweet returned to a Denver radio to adjust whether he would adjust the discussion of the contract: “This will not happen, it will not happen.” This means we can think that if the wild horse and Sanders are reconstructed Contract, Sanders will not agree.

Jones said: “Almost everyone has begun to believe that the red summons will use the champion to take the Murray. In fact, other teams in the top ten of the signs don’t have the opportunity to choose Murray, although he is not the biggest card in the world. Defend, but at least he was very loud in the name of the current measurement. “

Newton believes that the fans should not cheer because of the other players Calorina Black Panther Siwu Kam Newton believes that the fans cheered in the Cleveland Brown Sanitary Ni-Manzie (Johnny Manziel) is very bad. In the second quarter, Manzel was in the second quarter of the black Leep Kuechly and the collision of Colin Jones, and the leg thread was unfortunately injured. The game, the black panther was overcome with 17:13.

At the beginning of this month, Watt became one of the presidesmaking of the CMT Music Awards, and he also participated in the Wishing Foundation, impromptu to play a basketball game and saw the football star small peas Ernande.

According to reports, the relevant spokesperson said that due to the emergence of new crown cases in Fronda, the location of the original organized event needs to increase the number of attendance. Since the number of registered people is beyond the limit, Jackson decided to cancel the event.

Another safe satellite-Allen has been injured in the knee and determines that it will absent several weeks. According to reports, Taylor Mays entered the first lineup. The raiders were pressed on the first week of attack and defense, and the team hoped to change the status quo in the second week.

This will be the third year of Jackson, the event will be carried out on the weekend, where he is his hometown in Florida Pang Pona Beach. At present, Pontano Beach does not allow collective activities of more than 10 people.

The old age that has entered the Alliance for 18 years will need to continue and time run. On the one hand, Woodson is unsuccessful, but it is still able to dedicate high-quality backfinder defensive; on the other hand, with the growth of age, he is inevitably troubled by injuries. According to a matter of concern, regarding Woodson can play next week, the coaching group and the medical team will make decisions according to his recovery status.

The salary space of the wild horses is not unfair, and before the transaction of Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO), there are currently 3752 US dollars, which is the 13th of the league. However, in view of Sanders, it may not be able to play a new season’s opening stage, which can not be able to organize 10.5 million US dollars.