The proximal pendant typically stands outside of the cutoff, only one close-end striker in most offensive formations, and the side of the near-end front is called “strong side”. According to the tactical needs, he can choose to stand like an outer hand, or keep a low posture like an offensive front line.

The stable ball capacity is very important. The high body of the near-end front creates a huge advantage. He can easily pick up the ball in the anti-defender head, and it is not easy to be hugged after receiving the ball, sometimes even more than three people can complete His defense.

“I just started,” said Trevisen, which is about 3 years this year and the bear team. “I am serious; I just hit the Iceberg. I started to feel in the defensive group, and I have a feeling in the internal defense position. Now I can understand the game very well. I know how to level in my mind and body level Play the game and defeat the opponent. So, I think I will definitely make better performance than last year. “

The proximal pendant can be used as an additional offensive front line to participate in blocking. When passing the ball, it will be withdrawn and guaranteed that he is between the opposite defensive players and quadrants. When the sports ball is going forward, opposite the opposite defensive player Push, let him stay away from the offensive player.

In the 2018 season, Trevisen showed excellent, winning 102 times, 2 kills, 2 coputés, 6 destruction of passing and 8 cockroaches caused the loss code. He is therefore candidates to choose a professional bowl. In the new season, he would want to continue such performance.

Of course, the footsteps of Bris Rule Alliance data records have not stopped. The next waitingplace of Bris is the total number of chromatograms of Penton Manning. Briser was just behind the third week before the game, Buris was expected to break this record in Damin in the fifth week.

Dan Marino playing football in London with Harry

US Time This Sunday, Miami Dolphins will conduct a game with New York jet in London, England. Dolphin Hall of Fame, Dan Marino, was very popular at London.

Drew Brees completed the 17-yard line with the external hand Michael Thomas in the second quarter of the fighting Eagle game, completed 6301 successfully Ball beyond Brett Favre, created new wholesale Nfl jerseys records.

[Offensive Group] How to become a close-end

The close-up front should be the highest and most comprehensive player in the offensive group. He can act as an offensive front line is a blocked hand, but also has excellent ball capabilities to take over.

The legendary quarter-saving or 11 professional bowls is the highest in cheap nfl jerseys history (66.9%). Not only that, Bris is the only four-point guard in the five-season password number of five seasons, and he has achieved this in 2008, 2011-13 and 2016.

“I want to be kept in mind,” Trevison said on Friday. “Achievements will always be passed. You always want to leave some things that can be kept in mind. The bear has a tradition of producing excellent line guards. I want to be one of them. To do this, I have to play a beautiful defense Performance.”