J. J.Watt restored from the back injury is obviously still looking for its own state. Although the last game was taken care of by the Jaguji, it was launched from the other side, but the power of the Jiji attacked, but it was able to feel that the power of Watt has not completely come back & mdash; & mdash; in one-on-one cases can not break through The blocking of the offensive cutout. In addition, Watt also hurts his fingers in the game, returning to the locker in the middle of the way, but fortunately. This game will continue to debut.

So why a player who has been retired is more than the salesmanship players in related merchandise sales and taxes? Because for the Manning Gallery, his avatar in the game and the demand of portraits on the star card is greater than most active players.

The player’s annual report showed that Manning earned more than $ 3.3 million, most of which came from game, Nike and Fanatics’s clothing and Panny star card. This income does not include Manning’s personal endorsement income.

“I really understand that this is the most difficult bone of the foot. You basically deliberately deliberately or experience a car accident, it is possible to make it break,” Kitel said. “So I don’t know if this means that I am not lucky or I need to slow down.”

Feng – Miller wears animal fur in the Cutra Music Festival

It is not an easy task that is not an easy task that is not an easy thing to load the headline of the 4-point guards that exceed the Carolina Black Leopard, but the Denver’s Wild Horse is a star Feng-Miller, this weekend. A best shot in a Cochela Music Festival.

Tom Brady ranked second to $ 29.98 million. The first five players rated were Patrick Mahomes (2.78 million US dollars), Dak Prescott ($ 25.6 million) and Saquane – Bakley (Saquon) Barkley) ($ 2.34 million).

Relevant reporters have been disclosed after an interview with several players, and the wild horse player will return to the Manning will return to the training. At present, the team did not arrange any time for Manning, and the legendary quadrant injury problem may be more serious than imagination.

The reporter also reported that the coach Gary Kubiak hinted to be the current first goal with Manning’s health. On November 29, local time, the wild horse will give a new England patriot, fans expect to have the opportunity to see Manning and Tom Brady.

According to NFL official website, Manning did not participate in any activities related to this week and team, including training and meeting. The 4th grade 4-point guards, BROCK OSWEILER, will usher in the first time. Manning does not communicate with Osweler, as if this week has nothing to do with him.

Today, there is news, saying that the team main interior guard Brian Cushing will ban the match because of the use of alliance ban, because it is the second time because of the same cause, it will face more severe penalties & mdash; & mdash; 10 games for the ban. Therefore, Zach Cunningham will serve the necklings, and Cunningham performs excellent performance in the last game and completes the cockroach.

Due to Texas people’s main force, the Tsun, the Texas came to attack the front line. The last game Texas came cheap jerseys from china the front line for more than 50 times, including 10 quarters of killing. This game, Meng Hungo Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Michael Johnson is the performance of the priest, the performance of the Dezhou offensive front line, especially the performance of the two tie Kendall Lamm and Chris Clark, will determine Watson to a large extent. Performance.

Manning is absent from all training and is not fixed

PEYTON Manning quickly fell out of people’s vision in a week, in determining that Mantin did not even attend any training this week after you won’t appear in this weekend and Chicago bears.

“Good news is obviously this is the most easy to rehabilitation of your foot. It is indeed very well. Fortunately, I have a great trainer and a great (physiotherapist). They let me return and recover Healthy people. I think that their work is very good. “

The Mon Hu, which is called “Night Blind Tiger”, is the main family. Texas can only rely on defense to fight for the offensive group, and the two teams may be struggled to the last wave of attack. The winning issue will be divided. For both parties, this is a can’t afford.

San Francisco 49 people near-end George-Kitel believes that it is close to injury

After a month of foot fractures, San Francisco’s 49-person star close-edge George Kittle believed that he was approaching.

[Texas News Express] Dezhou People’s Regulations Second Week

The first week of the regular season, two “unexpected” teams, Beijing time will carry out a new game on Friday. Whether it is the last half, replacing the four-point Houston Texas, or the last one-point, the new Sinnati, will take 120% of the strength to avoid the opening of the season. Below, it is a preview of the Temple of Texas.

The last Texas people’s defensive frontline was shocked by the Xirui’s rhetorical runoff Fournette. This game, Meng Tiger Joe Mixon, Giovani Bernard, Jeremy Hill will take a shock to Texas people. In addition, Texas should learn from the crow, continue to pressure to Dalton, effectively preventing the ball attacks of Menghu.