By 1933, because the rules are allowed to pass anywhere in the scrimmage line, T formation is becoming increasingly common in the game. George Halas recruited to the T formation often use at the University of Chicago quarterback Solly Sherman period to come off the bench, he’s another important task is to teach when Bears quarterback Sid Luckman how to use the T formation to attack, Sid Luckman in the 1940s and his assistant, the Bears got four championship trophies. The last start using the T formation in the NFL league team is the 1953 Pittsburgh Steelers, after that, T formation became one of American football offensive formation among the most mainstream choice.

This is no doubt, because Las Vegas is famous for gambling, but there is a boss in the league, but the US time is Friday, the Outland Falcon’s boss Arthur Blank said: ” I think we need to build barriers outside American football, which will work because the American football market is full of gambling. “

Falcon Board: Alliance needs to ensure that raids are far from gambling

When we discuss the boss of the Auckland raid, we will think that there will be gambling when we want the team to migrate to Las Vegas.

Johnson is a player in Brown in the third round of 2015. At present, asaiah Crowell is gradually starting with the running guards, Johnson will appear as a tank to replace Andrew Hawkins. (Andrew Hawkins).

The salary capsule space accounted for $ 28.55 million this season, this is ranked third in the alliance. The rebuilding contract pressure suffered by the crow is greater than the Bavako, even if he does not agree to rebuild, he can earn $ 18 million. But Vlaco can help crows have the ability to sign the players who can help the crow to reverse 5 wins and 11 losses.

If both parties can successfully rebuild his current contract (30 years left) or sign a new contract, the crow can get an additional wage space of approximately 800 to 9 million US dollars, while the contract of Vlaco can extend 2 to 3 years. In addition, he may be able to negotiate and ask for more salary. If the team is able to open the Fragrament on March 9 free player market, this will be better results for crows.

T formation is said to be the father of American football of & mdash; & mdash; Walter Camp invented, and it is generally believed T formation is the oldest of the offensive formation. However, since the forward pass is allowed, the traditional position of the T formation was replaced by the other formation, such as wing formation. But then a number of other reforms and innovations, such as smaller, more suitable for the use of passing the ball, let the T formation once again recovery.

Let the player rest in the magic, but the steel man makes the correct decision. At the Auckland raid and Miami dolphins, they lost their first quarter-off, and the steel man ensured that they had the opportunity to play at the beginning of the playoffs.

Crow 4 卫 Fragrament willing to rebuild the contract to help the team

Joe FLACCO said he is willing to rebuild the contract to help the Baltimo crow to get an additional wage space to introduce free players.

The decision of the steel man is reasonable. Last season they were in Brown and Bell injured in the outer card week 16-23 loses in Denver wild horses. That season, Bell was injured in the seventeenth week, and the steel man could only use Josh Harris and this-Tit (Ben Tate) in the outer card of Baltima Crow. They finally lost this game. Bell accounted for 56.8% from the fourth week, which accounted for 56.8% of the team, which is most in the alliance. He must of course get a break.

In the case of the steelman has locked the three seed seeds, Tomlin said four-dimensional Ben Roethlisberger, running Verevian-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell), external handle Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) and the Maurakice Pouncey “will be considered” Protect “before the external card.

“Please, I want to win, so I want everything that can help win the ball,” Fraco said on Thursday morning. “I don’t know how specific payment numbers or specific we are planning to pay, because we haven’t discussed it yet. But I know that my contract is a big number and is not very realistic.”

Although the professional league, T formation has been rarely used, but the attack method established by the T formation is still the league plays an important role. First, T formation is the first quarterback in need of offensive formation center behind the ball, he needs to get the ball to running back or to go back and pass. As a result, the defense is difficult to predict just by virtue of observing formation offensive way. Secondly, T formation allows running back at full speed toward the ball after defensive vulnerability, which allows the attacker to get a brief but effective advantage. Other advantages include the T formation, playing T formation offense quarterback can run it completely false; do not need to bow to center the ball, thereby increasing the power of defense, and so on.