With the 49 people in San Francisco, the New York giant was over 31 to 22, Brown became the only 0 wins and 9-losed teams, which is also Brown to reach the last season for the 10th week, there is no victory.

After Wilson and Rachim – Mostatt (Raheem Mostert) was placed in the injury reserve list, only Jeric McKinnon and Jahakill Hesteon were in the big list. Jamycal Hasty These two healthy runners. Another running guard & mdash; & mdash; Tevin Coleman is already returned, but it is not clear whether he has returned to health and it is enough to come back in the next game.

In this year’s draft conference, the giant traded, in the second round, Collins from the University of Alabama. Collins quickly integrated into the team, his goal was to successfully serve the team of Antrel Rolle and became a second-line leader. In the game with the tiger, Mikele Thompson, which is the rookie security guard, also suffered a hedgered tear, his rookie season has ended in advance.

Brandte’s new season after the 2010 rookie season, there is no complete season, and he will still be the most reliable ground offensive player in front of the patriots, but he needs to win the trust of the coach with a good end attitude.

Since Samuel comes from the fourth week from the foot injury, the 49-person offensive group relies on his play, so this news is a big blow for them. Before the hurt in the game, Samuel completed 5 codes to get 65 yards.

According to the leader Kyle Shanahan, play the external hand of Dobo Samuel in the 33-6 defending New England Patriots – Samuel (Deebo Samuel) and Running Wine Jeff – Wilson (Jeff Wilson Jr.) is expected to be absent for a long time.

The loss of free players and injuries have plagued the two-line in the entire offset period. Today, two rookies are again injured, the team needs to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible, deepen the second line depth of the team.

Cleveland Brown Union Single Power Soon TeamThis Sunday competition, Cleveland Brown is more competitive than the previous weekend, but they are still hard to seek winning, now they are the only zero victory of the Union.

Giant safety Wei Kehes laces a sub-ligament injuryThe New York Giants Tom Coughlin announced on Saturday, Xiu Saitin, Landon Collins, was injured, and at least 1 week. On Friday, the giant is in the preseason, and Collins hurts in the game.

Running Weight returns to Patriot Training CampNew England Patriots runowing Kaigalrette Blounts is unqualified in the current training base physical testing, and cheap Jerseys is placed in a non-football injury list by the team. According to a number of media reports, Brunt has passed the test and returned to the patriot training camp on Saturday.

At present, in addition to Brondt, there are 4 running guards, Brandon Bolden, Jonas Gray, Travaris – Kadia ( Travaris Cadet and James White, the team needs to find how to assign these people’s playing time. A NFL instructor has said that he believes that the current economic integrated strength of the Patriot can only be between 25-30, because their running guards are not tested.

When I talked to Jackson, Lewis said: “I think his strength is far beyond the standard. Although he has experienced (raid people and Brown) some difficulties, this did not knock down him. I think he is an outstanding coach, owned Incentive ability, he is worth a chance, no matter where it is. “

In the next few season, the crow has maintained a higher winning rate, and has not been absent from the playoffs, but many fates are similar: First, the next game is going home. Tangle geometry until the 2012-13 season.

Hugh – Jackson will interview the hunting work of the TigerAfter frying after Cleveland Brown in October, Hue Jackson came to Tiger as a special assistant. Jackson Lewis said in the words and deeds of Jackson, who had just left the team. “Marvin Lewis” reveals the support of Jackson. According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the tiger is also intended to interview Jackson, see if he is suitable for head coach.

One mentioned the big name of Lei-Lewis, all the characters in the North American sports world will be respectful. He is the best, most comprehensive internal and comprehensive in the history of NFL, and one of the best team spirit leaders.

At the University of Miami, he showed unparalleled relief. In the two or two years of the two years, Lewis’s scratch will lead the BIG EAST partition where Miami’s university is located, but also in the big three-ball season, the Dick Butkus Award (the Best Line Bathing Prize of the United States, the University of the United States) and the final name Second. The 388th hugs of the University of Lewis were ranked fifth in the history of Miami University. At the 1996 election conference, the future top-class hand star is bright, & rsquo; to & rsquo; Treier Owens and Mawen-Harrison is a super superstar of the famous Hall of Hall, Chosoen Johnson, Musin – Muhammad . Armani – Tomo and others also have a good career. But people think of this selection conference, the first mentioned name is still Ray-Lewis.