The eagle runs Yashi, Josh Adams, 22 times, advanced 88 yards, reached once. The four-point guards of Carson Wentz completed 20 times, and the 236 yards were promoted. The proximal sharp-Zach Ertz is pushed into 91 yards, reaching a time.

Checking the current career punch has exceeded 2400, with a total of 16 times. At the 2020 season, he will play with Kareem Hunt. Hunter was 43 times last year, while completing 37th battles, pushed 285 yards, reached once.

“I don’t let me worry.” I said, “But I gave me more motivation. I will try to achieve the goal this year, just like the past training, strive to train the ball. I believe that everything is due, as long as you continue Strive, everything will be sympathy. This is my idea. “

Americas Tiger Chong Hand Allen: Not worried about the best defensive rookie competitionAt the time of the performance of Gardner Minhew, another Jacksonville American Tiger’s rookie did not pay enough attention.

Since the alliance has a 32 team, cheap Nfl jerseys it is in the 2002 Houston Texas to join the alliance. My ideal suggestion is & mdash; & mdash; this idea has never been given to any important people to mention & mdash; & mdash; I don’t think there should be partitioned “Fang Ji said on Wednesday. “I think you have 16 teams in two federations. Each team should play a game with the Federation team. That is 15 games. Then if you want the 16th game, then you Faced with another federation, and your origin is deeply deeper & mdash; & mdash; New York Jet is facing New York Giants every year. Philadelphia Eagle pair of straightezburg steel people, Texas people have a dowrer in the year. Then stay in 16 games, but you will avoid this year that there may be an 8-win 8-winning team in the main stage to face 12 wins and 4 negative teams. “

[Review] The second half is retrieved, the eagle 25-22 reverses the giantBeijing November 26th, compared to the grand occasion of the super bowl last season, the eagle is basically in the breath of disability this year. This week, in the first half of the giant’s civil war, they were played down in the first half, but the second half made the team to die, complete the reversal win.

Front Brown Vice President Sassi – Brown joined Washington Wizard ManagementBeijing July 22, Washington, Tommy Sheppard, as a new general manager of the team, and several new faces in the Wizards management.

At the end of the Brown competition, the number of rushing code ranked first in the foundation. But after a few hours, Titan running Delik Henry used 211 yards to complete the completion of the transcendence, crowning the royal king.

After signing the contract with San Diego, Marshall was at the end of the past two seasons in the past two seasons. In the past two seasons, the end of the grass ended in San Diego journey. Perhaps the Titan team will sign him, the corner of the multi-team, before the Ray Horton, now Tennessee defensive coordinator, and play the ball.

But the second half of the giant lost the soul, just advance 56 yards. Run Weavaquan – Barkel (Saquon Barkley) is 15 times in the first half, and the 131 yard is promoted, including a 51-code ball reachable. But his second half of the ball is only promoted by 11 yards, the efficiency straight down.

Brandon Flovers is being restored from the brain shaking and the shoulders of Jason Verrett, so Marshall is forced to fight in Dan Buddha Women on Thursday Night. Serving the first, and he is the main reason why Morganuel Sanders is a great career.

Although some fans may have a better record of the team to be squeezed out of the playoffs for eagle or cowboy, the team is squeezed out of the playoffs, the alliance does not seem to be ready to discuss this topic. On Wednesday, when I was asked in the boss conference, I was discussed to rearrange the seed team, and Roger Goodell, the general rearily rejected this idea.

One of them is the executive vice president of Executive Vice President of Clinkland Brown, which will be the chief planning of the Commemoration of Sports Group, including Washington, Washington, Washington, Mystery and NBA G Alliance (Development Alliance) Capital Go-Go.

This year’s situation is particularly attractive, because it is once a decline in Guandong District, the most powerful partitioned partition. The four teams of the partition currently have a total record of 17 wins and 35 losses. The front two team Dallas denim and Philadelphia eagle were 6 wins and 7 losses. So this year, the performance of the Champions in the United States and the United States is also 9 wins and 7 losses.

Brown in the middle of the 2017 season, Sassi-Brown, who is responsible for the team’s operation, only 1 win and 27 losses. However, the decision of one series of hoarding rights helped Brown now have many excellent players and become one of NFLs’ most focused teams.

With this difficult victory, the eagle reluctantly saved the hopes (5-6), and the gap between them and the cowboy and red skin is still within a victory. Ingenious, the eagle next two weeks is the red skin and cowboy, and they still have the opportunity to continue to be confusing in the situation in the country.