Previously, there was an analysis that the chief was either served as Hyde, or he added competitiveness in his way to run. Open these two people, there are still two years of Darrel Williams and three rookies in the Emirates: James Williams, Darwin Thompson and Marcus Marcus Marshall.

Braddy called the slogan of Bill coachPEYTON Manning is no longer the best tactical slogan master, in the morning, the patriots defeated Buffoft in Buffalo Brady in the morning, once in Tom Brady The slogan, let the left running ball adjusted to the right running ball. The key is what his slogan is?

I can clearly hear this slogan through the video tape, and there is no doubt that this is this name. After the game, Ryan said that he didn’t realize the slogan of Brradi, but it was not surprised. “He called my name? He likes me, I know.”

The good news for Konggio is that he can get the olive branch throwing in other teams before the quarter. In the day of the layoff, wholesale jerseys there will be more than 1,000 players who have been cut off. A high-end player who appeared in the free player market before the arrival of the team is very attractive.

Before joining the chief, Williams had effectively effective for the dolphins for four seasons. He has played all 16 games last season, and 3 of them were first, 50 times a total of 256 yards, reached 4 times. Williams also has a good borne capacity, completing 23 battles, promoting 160 yards, reaching 2 times. The 2018 regular season is close to the end, and the chiefs and Williams have continued for about two years (US $ 8.1 million).

Emirates Coordinator: Damin Williams is the starting running guardBeijing May 31, the addition of Carlos Hyde, did not affect the original arrangement of the chief, according to the offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Damin William Ms Damien Williams is still the head of the team.

McCaffli sprained in the second week of high ankle, absent 6 games. After returning, he was injured in the shoulders in the competition of the anae, absent three games. In the game lost to the wild horse, McCaffli did not play on the thigh injury.

Black Leopard runs to McCaverry is expected to absent this week.Tuesday, Black Leopard Bishop Matt Lu (Matt Rhu) said, according to his observation in Tuesday, Johristian – McAffrey will not play this Saturday pair of packages competition.

Titan and long-opened players are renewed in Bakel Brinkley, Bulkley’s past seven seasons is Titan’s every-altitude, free players with a shot and additional shot.

The patriot reckoned the center James Ferentz, and Ferlun will replace the recent abandoned Russel Bodine.

The crow will give up the Kenneth Dixon. Dikon was previously added to the injury reserve list before the knee injury.

The first two-wheeled show player in Buffalo, who turned into the Detroit Lion this summer to win the first left cut off position. But he was cut off by the lion on Tuesday morning. He has been a 24 game in the past two seasons.

US time on Friday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, dolphins sign offensive cut off J. J & RSquo; Marcus WEBB) to a big list. The team subsequently confirmed this news and put the online Wei Dru-Van Ginkel into the injury reserve list.

McCaffli hurts the thigh during the trip-wheel week training, and the injuries last Wednesday were recurred. Lu Louu did not plan to announce the reimbursement of the McCaveri season, still planned to send him on this running guard.