For example, if a user clicks on your LinkedIn ad, but then comes back to your site directly and converts, Linkedin Leads would get credit. Within the acquisition reports in GA, you’re able to get an overview of how each channel, source/medium, or campaign is executing on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. From this perspective, segment by dimension (e.g., channel, source/medium) and view your top landing pages. However, keep in mind that since this feature lives on LinkedIn, it doesn’t lead users to a traditional landing page. However, with social media channels, how the data is calculated on these advertising platforms is different compared to GA. Social selling and the way revenue streams are generated and used has become a top tactic in the digital age as old strategies such as cold calling are no longer working with today’s consumer base. Integrating your LinkedIn leads with your marketing automation platform so that new leads generated from your campaigns can flow straight into your marketing funnel for truly effective demand generation. Secondly, all leads collected through lead gen forms are stored within the LinkedIn platform, which can be considered a slight inconvenience, however, these can be easily be exported and uploaded to your database.

For instance, if a user clicks on an ad twice, LinkedIn will count two clicks; however, in GA, if the user clicks twice within the session limitations, it will count as one session. While it’s important to be mindful of how the conversion windows are different between LinkedIn and GA, it is crucial to use both platforms to get more insight into how your campaigns performed. It’s important to pack this section of your ad in a way that provides clear value to your audience. You need to build value around your product or service. In this LinkedIn Masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know to start generating high-quality leads in right away. This will give you the leverage to start the conversation on the right note and nurture your leads to book a meeting. This includes prompting them to get in touch with you, take a look at more of your content, or interact with you right there on your Company Page.

That’s not to say that courses aren’t a valuable lead gen idea-it’s just that they’re not right for every audience and use case, and you got to figure out whether and how to make them work for your needs. Company Size – Filter people in search results based on the size of the company they work for. Doug Ducey, a Republican, certified the results of the presidential election after receiving approval from county officials and Attorney General Mark Brnovich, also a Republican. It is important to be mindful that both platforms measure and define metrics differently, which results in a significant data discrepancy when comparing the insights reported by each. 8. Track engagements: use your company’s analytics page to identify your best-performing posts to help shape future content strategies (see the Linkedin insights & LinkedIn analytics entry below). The vast majority of those views didn’t come from searches and profile optimization, they came from people seeing my comments and posts. At any given time a Linkedin Leads profile can be overviewed via the LinkedIn Tagging Process and understand at what level of communication that profile stands.

Any LinkedIn page owner would now be able to create a LinkedIn Event, and anybody with a LinkedIn profile can mark themselves as a participant. Keep in mind, you can also scrape the people who liked the post if you want to reach more people. Data is an integral part of digital marketing that showcases campaign effectiveness, which includes audience targeting, creative and messaging, brand recognition, and more. Somehow, the marketing team over at Music and Arts found out that I’m a music fanatic. Company connections: LinkedIn allows you to target first-degree connections of selected companies – if they have over 500 employees. Invite your connections to follow your page. To view whether your campaigns are driving conversions from the Safari browser, you’ll need to look at GA. That way, if your prospective clients come across a product that you offer, you’ll be the first business in their minds. And, check out this post If you’re interested in learning more about GA and how to choose the attribution model that best meets your business goals. But another great thing you can do with the ad platform is use what’s called Matched Audiences to target people on LinkedIn who already know about your brand and business.