Read this analysis of the Odyssey, Book XIII in order to better understand how to solve this problem.

Once Ulysses is done telling the Phaeacian court about what happened at sea, King Alcinous orders some of his men with the hero to ensure Ulysses’s safe return to Ithaca. While on the ship ride, Ulysses falls asleep. Once the boat reaches Ithaca, the men of King Alcinous do not wake him. Instead, they let him stay asleep, but they move his body from the boat onto shore and they return to their own journey. Minerva, a goddess, then places a ‘grey mist’ over Ulysses to protect him while he’s asleep. When Ulysses does finally wake up, he has some trouble remembering his land. Somehow, Ulysses deep sleep erased his memory of home. Basically this deep sleep allowed Ulysses to the last of his twenty years.

The fact that the Phaeacians followed Joves instructions and brought Ulysses back home anger Neptune. When the Phaeacians discover the fury of Neptune, they then try to satisfy him by making a sacrifice. Although the sacrifices they end up making don’t please Neptune. Neptune ends up sinking the Phaeacians ship by turning it into stone. Even though Jove sees an opportunity to stop Neptune, he does not. His simply also Neptune to destroy their ship.

Minerva ends up disguising herself as a shepherd when she talks to Ulysses. She does so to protect her identity and to test Ulysses. Ulysses passed Minerva’s test by not telling disguised Minerva who he really is. Pleased with this, Minerva then reveals her true identity to him. After that Minerva tells Ulysses about the suitors that are at his palace that are trying to marry his wife and take over Ithaca. Once she has went over the plan, they then plot revenge against them. Once there plan is ready Minerva disguises Ulysses as a beggar to go undercover and see which men are truly loyal.

There is a bit more, but I’ll end it there since that’s about how much information we’ll need.

Now, put the tiles in order according to the analysis.

• Ulysses finishes recounting his adventures of his journey home to the Phaeacians.

• King Alcinous makes arrangements for Ulysses’s safe journey home to Ithaca.

• Ulysses falls asleep after boarding the Phaeacian ship.

• Neptune turns the Phaeacians’ ship into stone.

• Minerva meets Ulysses in the guise of a young shepherd.

• Minerva and Ulysses plot revenge against Penelope’s suitors.

• Minerva disguises Ulysses as an old beggar.

– Marlon Nunez