Michelle forgot to add the decimal point on her result number.

Further Explanation

When multiplying decimal numbers don’t forget to put the decimal point. The whole process of multiplying would be the same as the whole numbers multiplication except for the placement of the decimal point in the answer.

For example:

=boxed {3.4 times52 }\ =boxed {176.8 }

The step by step process would be:

 3.4                    ⇒ the first factor has 1 decimal point

  52   x             ⇒ the second factor has 0 decimal point


170    +

176.8                 ⇒ the answer would have 1 decimal point

Unlike the additional decimal numbers, when we are doing the multiplication, we don’t need to line up the decimal point, in the case above:

  • first factor has 1 decimal point
  • the second factor has 0 decimal point (a whole number)
  • so the answer would be have 1+0 = 1 decimal point

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